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Posts from December 2013

Free Download: "Distance" by Abram Shook

Artist: Abram Shook
Song: "Distance"
Album: Sun Marquee

"'Distance is song about separating pieces of yourself as a means to gain perspective," Abram Shook tells Rolling Stone. "I had the bass groove kicking around for a bit, and just wanted to create some playful melodies, and synthy leads."

Source: Rolling Stone
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Free Download: "Woe" by Wild Adriatic

Artist: Wild Adriatic
Song: "Woe"
Album: Big Suspicious

"The song is about giving all of yourself to somebody, even though you know you're not going to get anything in return, and eventually realizing that you'd rather be alone," Travis Gray tells Rolling Stone. Mateo Vosganian adds, "While writing the record we gave the song a working title, 'Whoa,' and while we were finalizing lyrics and song titles it dawned on me. 'Woe' sums up the sentiment of this song perfectly."

More from Wild Adriatic:
Source: Rolling Stone
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Free Download: "Here It Comes" by Painted Palms

Artist: Painted Palms
Song: "Here It Comes"
Album: Forever

"This song reminds me how sometimes it's possible to focus on anything, and how nice it can be not to feel the need to," Reese Donohue tells Rolling Stone. "When you lose control of your surroundings it can quickly turn into a frenzied nightmare, but sometimes it can be refreshing to remember that no one really knows anything, and it doesn't matter anyway." 

More from Painted Palms
  Source: Rolling Stone
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Free Download: "Say My Name" by Peter Moren

Artist: Peter Moren
Song: "Say My Name"
Album: Broken Swenglish Vol. 1 (EP)

"'Say My Name' is a song that has been lying around for ages without finding the right form and shape," Peter Moren tells Rolling Stone. "But when I finally got the idea [of] how to record it, it was really quick. I call it my hip-hop number. And there's a harp! That's the best thing about doing solo records. If you want to have harp, you don't have to discuss the pros and cons, you just get a number to a harpist. The lyric is about self-disintegrating as a way of pissing people off. So it's both proud and sad."

More from Peter Moren:
Source: Rolling Stone
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Free Download: "Falling" by Amy Stroup

Artist: Amy Stroup
Song: "Falling"
Album: Tunnel

"I co-wrote this song with my friend, Mary Hooper, who is like a sister," Amy Stroup tells Rolling Stone. "It's written after a great start, followed by a great fall, in a relationship, and the waves of emotions thereafter. I was going to call the song 'Stages of Grief' but I didn't think anyone would listen to a song with such a mellow title. It's one of the only songs I've written on electric guitar." 

More from Amy Stroup:
 Source: Rolling Stone
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Free Download: "Digital Haircut Dub" by Lord Echo

Artist: Lord Echo
Song: "Digital Haircut Dub"
Album: Curiosities

"The future promised us moving sidewalks and hoverboards, and while I'm still angry this hasn't eventuated, 'Digital Haircuts' is a step in the right direction," Lord Echo tells Rolling Stone. "I've yet to have one myself, but I imagine this involves choosing your desired hairstyle from some form of brochure, which is then precision cut into your head by lasers. I truly did see a sign advertising digital haircuts in Auckland, New Zealand, and the thought of it became the inspiration behind this jam."

More from Lord Echo

  Source: Rolling Stone
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World's Worst iPod: Last Christmas by Wham!

Contrary to popular belief, Kitty does not hate Christmas, it's just certain holiday songs that drive her nuts. Like today'sWWiP selection, "Last Christmas" by Wham!

While some folks wanted to hear this fine ditty from 1984, ultimately we did not play it. But you can hear it, aplenty, on our sister station 94.9 WOLX.

Or just watch this video over and over.

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Holy Crap! Keith is 70? 6 Great Keith Richards quotes

Much to the surprise of many, Keith Richards turned 70 today. And while his speech is often unintelligible, he often does say some pretty wise things.

Here are six of my favorite Keith quotes:

Rock 'n' roll's great weapon is humor.

Everyone talks about rock these days; the problem is they forget about the roll.

Let me be clear about this. I don't have a drug problem. I have a police problem.

Rock and Roll: Music for the neck downwards.

The only things Mick and I disagree about is the band, the music and what we do.

You can't believe how great this job is. I'll do it as long as people want to listen to it.

Who else loves Keith's opening riff in this song?

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Fresh New Music: Jake Bugg

Brit singer Jake Bugg will turn 20 years old in February and already has an amazing career.

Bugg was chosen by the BBC to appear on their "Introducing" stage at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival aged 17, and because of this was given a contract by Mercury Records. His first album was nominated for 2013 Album of the Year and won Best New Artist. His song Lightning Bolt was chosen for a Gatorade commercial. This young man has a bright future.
Like many artists, Jake has released his version of John Lennon’s “ Happy Xmas ( War is Over)
                                     Jake Bugg, wishing you a Happy Christmas!                                         © Photo: Antje Naumann: Wikimedia Commons

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E Street Band gets into Rock Hall: It's about time!

When the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its new inductees, I was pleased to see that the E Street Band is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

The E Street Band is being honored with an "Award for Musical Excellence," which was formerly known as the Sidemen category.

It would have ben preferable to induct them in 1999 when Bruce Springsteen got the nod, but despite very loud outcry from fans at the time, that did not happen. As I recall, Springsteen was none too pleased with the decision, and of course brought the whole band on stage to play with him that night.

It also would have been nice to have happened when saxophonist Clarence Clemens and keyboard player Danny Federici were alive.

Other inductees this time around include Kiss, Nirvana, Cat Stevens, Peter Gabriel, Linda Ronstadt, and Hall & Oates. The awards will be handed out April 10th in Brooklyn, NY.

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Free Download: "The Hunting Owl" by Merz and Julian Satorius

Artist: Merz and Julian Satorius
Song: The Hunting Owl
Album: No Compass Will Find Home (Julian Satorius Drum & Vocal Renditions)

"It's a pretty heavy story, but I wrote this song after watching my brother-in-law barely survive a week in a coma," Conrad Lambert tells Rolling Stone. "During this whole week, his life was hanging by a thread. He's a youngish guy and this experience gave me a perspective on the arbitrary nature of death. Death, like an owl that swoops down and snatches away the tiny shrew. Death is such a massive presence in our lives and yet we somehow manage to ignore it for most of the time. Until it comes and snatches someone close to us away." 

More from Julian Sartorius

Source: Rolling Stone
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Free Download: "Every1's a Winner" by Bing Ji Ling

Artist: Bing Ji Ling
Song: Every1's a Winner
Album: Por Cada Nube

"When given the opportunity to raid the RAK vaults for tracks to cover, Hot Chocolate's material was our first port of call," Quinn Luke tells Rolling Stone. 'Every1's a Winner' has always been one of my favorites by them, with incredible synthy-guitar textures. Trying to capture those sounds was made easier virture of the fact that we were able to record in the same exact studios at RAK where the original was done, using the same gear, right down to the actual pedal used - The Synthi Hi-FLI!"

More from Bing Ji Ling:

Source: Rolling Stone
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OMG! The Caption Contest is Back!!!

I was feeling the Holiday Spirit and decided, let's bring back the Caption Contest ! As usual, I searched high and low for a Christmas photo to inspire you, so without further adieu, please give me your best caption to this photo. The winner will receive many fabulous prizes, once I figure out what that might be. Expect at least one great CD.
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Time to bring back wassailing!

It's kind of like trick or treating, except it's for alcohol!  Who's in?

If you've ever heard The Wassail Song, you've heard about this practice, even though you may not have realized it. A few hundred years ago, peasants used to go door to door singing carols, stop at houses of lords and barons and the like, and demand refreshments. At times this got a bit violent, because those who wouldn't share often saw their homes vandalized.

I am in favor of a more peaceful wassail. We'd gather in groups and go from door to door at the houses of all the rich people (I'm thinking Maple Bluff), and ask nicely ifor some of their potent potables.

I doubt that most of the residents to be wassailed upon would actually serve us "wassail" but that's okay. It sounds nasty, involving apples and brandy and raw eggs (for protein). They could just open up their liquor cabinets or wine cellars instead. (Traditional Wassail recipe here).

Actually this walking door to door thing doesn't sound all that appealing. The song opens like this: Here we come a wassailing. Among the leaves so green, Here we come a wandering. So fair to be seen.

Not too many green leaves around here at this time of the year. So instead I think I'll just sit home with a six pack. If I'm feeling the holiday spirit, I just might share.

Here's a different take on the subject:

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World's Worst iPod: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

We delved into the iPod's holiday selections today, and pulled out the highly irritating song by Elmo and Patsy, "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer."  It was originally recorded in 1979 but started getting seasonal radio airplay in the early 1980s.

Despite Kitty's appeal that her late mother hated this song, lots of people had happy memories associated with it, so we did play it in its entirety. Sorry if it's still stuck in your head.

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You must watch this video every holiday season

Four years ago, Bob Dylan, who is Jewish, recorded a Christmas album.

It may be surprising to some that it was actually pretty good!  And it inspired him to be involved in the creation of this video, which is amazing.

If you've never seen it before, trust me. It's well worth the two minutes and 50 seconds it will take you to watch it. (Minus the commercial that runs first).

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Free Download: "Hedonic Treadmill" by Clara Moto

Artist: Clara Moto
Song: Hedonic Treadmill
Album: Blue Distance

"'Hedonic Treadmill' describes the tendancy of people to adapt to good events - or bad - and then return to the same level of happiness," Clara Moto tells Rolling Stone. "In other words, we don't gain more happiness with, example, more money, as our expectations rise proportionately. So better jump off as it is ultimately unsatisfying."

More from Clara Moto:

Source: Rolling Stone
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Fresh New Music : U2

Bono and U2 have always had a strong political bent and their latest musical project can be found on the soundtrack to the film “ Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.” We remember Nelson Mandela with U2’s song, “Ordinary Love.”
The soundtrack to the film  “ Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.”  Is available now.                © Photo:Zachary Gilman: Wikimedia Commons

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Obama and "W" head to Africa; what you might overhear on Air Force One

Former President George W. Bush has accepted President Obama's invitation to ride aboard Air Force One to Nelson Mandela's memorial service on Tuesday.

That got me to thinking. Will the two do any talking during the flight? According to, it's a 15 hour flight between Washingon D.C. and South Africa. Even if you cut that down a bit due to the fact that Air Force One probably has its own set of rules, that's still more than a dozen hours on an airplane. That's a lot of dead air to fill!

They probably don't want to talk about policy, international affairs or national security, so I've come up with a list of topics that should be safe.

Watercolor Painting
Those pesky Secret Service agents
The great nachos they whip up in the White House kitchen
Miley Cyrus
The 22nd amendment
Is Ron Burgundy overexposed?
Origami and or/decoupage
Ginger or Mary Ann?

If there's a real lull in the conversation, maybe they could break the presidential seal on a deck of cards and play a game of "War." I'm pretty sure they both know the rules.

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Free Download: "Keep the Ships at Bay" by Total Slacker

Artist: Total Slacker
Song: Keep the Ships at Bay
Album: Slip Away

"This song is about next leveling," Tucker Rountree tells Rolling Stone. "Taking things in and then pushing it out farther than before to reach the summit of ourselves."

Source: Rolling Stone
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World's Worst iPod: Martika "Toy Soldiers"
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