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Posts from November 2013

Free Download: "Guest Star (Club Edit)" by Anoraak

Artist: Anoraak
Song: "Guest Star (Club Edit)"
Album: Chronotropic

"The original version of 'Guest Star' is on my new album, Chronotropic," Frederic Riviere tells Rolling Stone. "Like many of my songs, album versions have a clear dance floor feeling, and are definitely not built for a DJ to use. So I decided to make a club edit of 'Guest Star' to enhance the basic house groove of this track."

Source: Rolling Stone
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Free Download: "Speculative" by Heatsick

Artist: Heatsick
Song: "Speculative"
Album: Re-Engineering

"Constant movement only speeds up, the escalator as a treadmill," Steven Warwick tells Rolling Stone. "All washed over by a smooth sax break and machines of loving grace."

Source: Rolling Stone
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World's Worst iPod: Mambo #5 by Lou Bega

Jonathan was afraid this song would be stuck in everyone's head during the long holiday weekend, but the majority of listeners wanted to hear it.  This song was originally recorded in 1949 and Lou Bega's remake in 1999 made it all the way to number three.

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Fresh New Music : Bruce Springsteen

A new Bruce Springsteen album is always highly anticipated, and the newest, his 18th studio album is no exception.

“High Hopes” features, along with the E-Street Band, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, and was recorded in New Jersey, Atlanta, Australia and New York City..
Morello sat in for Steve Van Zandt  in March of 2013, and appears on several songs that Springsteen calls “ some of our best unreleased material from the past decade”.
High Hopes opens the album.
Bruce Springsteen’s album “ High Hopes” will be out on January 14                     : © Photo: el coleccionista de instantes: Flickr

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Good luck deer hunters!

I've never gone deer hunting myself, but I come from a family of deer hunters. The town I grew up in was full of deer hunting madness and in November I'm pretty sure its official colors are blaze orange and blaze orange.

That's why I get a little ticked off when I hear people promote the crazy stereotype that all deer hunters do is sit around in "deer camp"  slam down cans of cheap beer, eat beef jerky and pass gas.

Most deer hunters I know are very serious about it, and certainly would not go out into the woods drunk or even with a hangover!

My dad went hunting every year. He was more successful in the years before I was born (see picture above), he usually came home with nothing in his trunk but a spare tire. That didn't stop him from enjoying every minute of the tradition, and the preparation that went with it.

My favorite part of being around my dad at hunting season? He always had full size Hershey bars in his coat pocket for "energy," and every once in a while there would be one left for me.

Good luck hunters---be safe!
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Fresh New Music : BlitzenTrapper

Blitzen Trapper is a rootsy, folkie band out of Portland.
Their debut album came out in 2003, with a taste of success in the years that followed. In 2008, their FURR album was #13 on Rolling Stone’s Best Albums of 2008. They also received rave reviews from publications like Spin and Pitchfork, which led to festivals, TV shows and endless touring.
The newest release, VII ( in Roman  numerals) includes this catchy song “ Thirsty Man”.

Blitzen Trapper’s latest album is out now  on heavyweight white vinyl, CD, and of course, digitally       © Photo:Thezenderagenda: Flickr
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This song for a Cadillac ad?

I was kind of surprised the other day when I was watching a football game and a commercial came on the TV for Cadillac.

What? Fountains of Wayne pitching Cadillac?  I think the spot, featuring the song "Stacy's Mom" is pretty funny, but I'm not sure who the ad agency is targetting here. Perhaps women who fancy themselves as cougars (or that other acronym I will not mention)?

I love Fountains of Wayne. I think when it comes to clever lyrics and catchy melodies, they're right up there at the top. I'm not sure however if any of their other songs would be good for car commercials.

For example, I don't think "Planet of Weed" would fit. Nor would "Supercollider,"  as the concept of collision is not one that you want people to think about when they're car shopping. 

Fountains of Wayne does have a song called "92 Subaru." I think that would do the trick if you were trying to sell a 21 year old Subaru.

(I apologize in advance for getting the song "Stacy's Mom" stuck in your head for the rest of the day.)

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Fresh New Music : Kodaline

Lots of great music has come out of Ireland. Add Kodaline to the list!
Originally called 21 Demands, the band made chart history in March 2007, when their debut single "Give Me A Minute" topped the Irish Singles Chart; becoming the first independently released track to do so!
 The band changed their name to Kodaline in 2011, with their debut ep released one year later, and it looks like these 20-somethings have a great future as the BBC nominated them for The Sound of 2013 poll .

The band comes to Chicago and Minneapolis in March. Here’s their first single  off the new album, called “ Love Like This”.


Kodaline’s full length album “ A Perfect World “  is available now!     Image Flickr common                     
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Free Download: "This Is It" by Maria Taylor

Artist: Maria Taylor
Song: "This Is It"
Album: Something About Knowing

"'This Is It' is the last song I wrote and recorded for the record," Maria Taylor tells Rolling Stone. "The chorus came to me while I was driving. I pulled over and sang the melody into my iPhone. Once this song was recorded, I knew the record was complete!"

More from Maria Taylor

Source: Rolling Stone
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Free Download: "Flowerbomb" by Crushed Stars

Artist: Crushed Stars
Song: "Flowerbomb"
Album: Farwell Young Lovers

"This will sound like a cliche, but I was standing in a cafe line and was intrigued by the fragrance of the person in front of me, so I asked what it was," Todd Gautreau tells Rolling Stone. "She answered Flowerbomb, which I thought was an interesting word since you don't normally associate the gentleness of a flower with the intensity of an explosion. So I was inspired to write a song about a hypothetical girl who would have both of these qualities."

More from Crushed Stars

Source: Rolling Stone
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Fresh New Music : The Olms

You might not have heard of The Olms, but you probably remember Pete Yorn who has  teamed up with JD King to form The Olms back in 2011 with their first album released this past June.
The pair had known each other for years before they formed this project, getting together often to talk music.
The duo play all the instruments on the album, with songs compared to The Kinks, Grateful Dead and this David Crosby-esque song, “ Someone Elses Girl”
Find this song from The Olms on the ep, Itunes Festival London 2013.                                                image Wikimedia Commons
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Time traveling with the Beatles

We're going to be hearing a lot about the Beatles in the next few months, as this February marks the 50th anniversary of the official start of Beatlemania in the United States, with their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

The Beatles are no slouches when it comes to taking advantage of commercial opportunity, so this week a new compilation of recordings has come out from the Liverpool lads, back when they were hot as a pepper in England, and were all over the BBC. It's called "The Beatles On Air: Live at the BBC Volume 2."

I haven't listened to this two disc set yet--I would like to, but am not sure it's worth 20 or so bucks to buy something I will only listen to once or twice.  (My first volume of Live at the BBC performances has been sitting on my CD rack, unplayed, for years!)

Rolling Stone did give it four stars, so that makes it tempting. But I'm hoping someone else I know will buy it and I can listen to their copy!
(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
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World's Worst iPod: Safety Dance

This week's World's Worst iPod song made it all the way up to #3 in 1988. "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats was not about safe sex, as some surmised back in the day. It was inspired, the band says, by the fact that some clubs would not allow the jumping up and down "pogo" style dancing that was popular with the new wave set.

Everybody, except Kitty, wanted to hear this blast from the past.

(Image credit: wikimedia commons)
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Free Download: "That Feeling" by Gossling

Artist: Gossling
Song: "That Feeling"
Album: Harvest of Gold

"'That Feeling' is about trying to recreate an experience or feeling that spontaneously occured one new years' even," Helen Croom tells Rolling Stone. "It's a feeling or euphoric state that's unattainable and impossible to regenerate no matter how hard you try."

More from Gossling

Source: Rolling Stone
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LORDE covers Tears for Fears

The new pop superstar from New Zealand, 16-year old Lorde, has a song on the soundtrack to the new Hunger Games movie that's coming out in a couple of weeks.

Her cover of the Tears for Fears song "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" is definitely a departure from her hit, "Royals." It's much more ominous and foreboding than the original.

What do you think?

(Above image: wikimedia commons)

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Free Download: Great Escape EP by KORBEE

Artist: Korbee (Facebook)
Album: Great Escape EP

It all started one night in a small apartment in Cincinnati. Then it moved to a much smaller apartment in New York City. Then it moved west. Now it's...everywhere. We are Tom and Jenn Korbee, and we are songwriters, in the truest sense. Our lives, our thoughts, our truths are spilled out in the music we write. Struggle, hope, perseverance, love (in its most honest, and sometimes harsh form) all permeate through, and form the bedrock of the world that we create in our songs. We write sweeping melodies coupled with honest, creative lyrics. Our music challenges today's listeners to think and listen a little deeper while sitll giving them the pop/rock smash that they have been raised to expect. Korbee pulls no punches when delivering our truth. We have traveled a desolate road in search of a new, familiar sound; something that pays homage to their roots in rock, folk and blues, while bridging the gap to contemporary pop music. 

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Happy 68th birthday Neil Young!

In interviews, Neil Young has been known to call himself a "rich hippie."  Well, now he's definitely reached the level of "rich OLD hippie."   He turns 68 today, and keeps going strong!

He's still working for charity, taking part in Farm Aid again this year, as well as his Bridge School benefit concert, where he even jammed with Arcade Fire.

Neil continues to press on with his electric car, The LincVolt, despite the fact that the first one was destroyed in a fire. And Neil continues to wage his battle against the crappy sound of computerized music, creating Pono, which is a way of downloading music in higher resolution. According to a recent article, it may be available next year.

I also hope that Neil is working on a new memoir. His first one, Waging Heavy Peace, was the best rock memoir I've ever read--as Jon Stewart put it, it was like we were hanging out with Neil while he puttered away in his garage, sharing old stories. (It's now available in paperback, by the way.)

I'm also still holding out hope that he will do a reunion tour with Buffalo Springfield, or at least another go-round with his buddies Crosby, Stills and Nash.  Neil is always full of surprises. So I wouldn't be too shocked to hear he's putting out an album of nursery rhymes, accompanied only on the church organ!

(I took the above picture at Farm Aid in Milwaukee in 2010.)

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Free Download: "Clair De Lune" by Flight Facilities

Artist: Flight Facilities
Song: "Clair De Lune" feat. Christine Hobert (Motez Remix)
Album: Clair De Lune (Single)

"It's probably no secret that Debussy's 'Clair De Lune' was the inspiration for our "Clair De Lune,'" Hugo tells Rolling Stone. "All we really wanted was to make a bed time song that anyone could put on repeat, and eventually become unaware of where it starts or finishes. We've always been big advocates for remixes staying true to the original, and Motez made the perfect adjustment to tastefully bring our least club-driven song onto the dance floor."

More from Flight Facilities

Source: Rolling Stone
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A Veterans Day Salute!

Many members of my family have served in the military. I haven't talked to many of them about the time they spent serving, but I did have quite a few conversations with my dad, who was a waist gunner on a B-17 in World War II.

He told me he and his crew flew two missions on D-Day. In one of the missions they got lost and had to break radio silence to get help. It was actually quite dramatic. One of the crew members pointed a gun at the radio operator's head and said "if you don't call for help, I'm going to blow your head off."

Naturally, I asked my dad if he was scared during that mission or any of the others. What he said surprised me.

"We were too busy to be scared."  He said they had so many jobs to do and things to remember, there was no time for fear.

To all of those who served, including many members of my family, and others, thank you. Thank you for doing your job, and keeping us free.

(That's my dad in the front row, on the right)
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Free Download: "Demons" by Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas

Artist: Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas
Song: "Demons"
Album: Demons (EP)

"Everyone's got their demons calling," Jessica Hernandez tells Rolling Stone. "Some are just a little louder than others."

More from Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas

Source: Rolling Stone

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