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Thanks for your interest! The Triple M Green Team is an environmental outreach program that offers a variety of projects around the Dane County area to participate in, during our season from April thru October.

The team is made up of 105.5 Triple M listeners - people just like you - who want to make a difference and help the Madison community become a better, cleaner place to live, work and play.

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April 23-27 - Crew Leadersip & Skills Training - Gibraltar Rock

Have you been attending local or MSC trail building events and feel ready to take that next step and become a Certified Crew Leader? Want to take new skills home and put them to use locally? Maybe you’re already a Crew Leader but would like a refresher to hone your leadership and trail skills. Either way, this training is for you!

April 24 - 27- Gibraltar Segment - Columbia County

The blockbuster October MSC project began the transformation of Gibraltar Rock. That change continues as we construct another ¾ mile of new Trail and start remediation work to nurse the rock back from years of uncontrolled use and erosion.

May 13 - 18 - Jerry Lake & Rib Lake Segments, Taylor County

The sequester squelched this event in 2013, but we are not to be denied in 2014. We return to Taylor County to continue improving the Jerry Lake Segment in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. We’ll also start a multi-year process of new trail construction to restore a 3-mile portion of the Rib Lake Segment. New Trail, boardwalk, signage upgrades and spring wildflowers await!

June 19 - 28 - Blue Hills & Hemlock Creek Segments, Rusk County

Come explore the hidden gem that is the Blue Hills of Rusk County. This project has a bit of everything – multiple bridges and boardwalks, new trail, signage upgrades, chainsaw work, mowing. Pretty much everything in the trail building manual will be going on. Base camp will be at Murphy Flowage Rec Area, a short distance from Gundy’s Canyon, the Blue Hills Felsenmeer and other must-visit wonders.

July 9 - 13 - Ice Age Trail University

Vision + Skills + Incentives + Resources + Action Plan = Positive Change!
Ever wonder why a drainage structure is built where it is? Or how to craft a sustainable rock wall or feed 100 hungry trail builders? These topics and more will be offered this year at IAT-U. Stay tuned for location details and class offerings.

July 23 - 27 - East Twin River Segment, Manitowoc County

Manitowoc County is opening its arms to welcome volunteers to help construct a new Trail segment northeast of Mishicot. The East Twin River guides the Trail as it sweeps past stands of towering cedar, farmland and floodplain. Don’t miss what is sure to be a grand event!

August 19 - 24 - St. Croix Falls Segment, Polk County

After being thwarted by the government shutdown in 2013, we’re going all out to complete this 2-mile section of new trail in the City of Trails – St. Croix Falls. Basalt bedrock reminds us of the fire and ice that shaped the area. Boardwalk, native timber bridges, rock work, urban signage upgrades and more are on the docket. We’re proud to welcome BSA Order of the Arrow scouts from throughout the upper Midwest to help complete this ambitious undertaking.

September 16 - 21 - Harwood Lakes & Chippewa River Segments, Chippewa County

We return to the Chippewa County Forest to finish the work started in 2013 along kettle lakes and tamarack bogs. We also take a side trip toward the Chippewa River to eliminate a ½ mile road walk. Camp Nawakwa was a hit last year, and we’ll base camp there again. Bring your canoe, kayak and swimsuit!

October 22 - 26 - Springfield Hill, Dane County

The year ends with a bang in Dane County as new trail construction begins on this multiyear project. Two miles of trail winding through old grizzled oaks present a fine palette to work in. Major stewardship work will be included to begin taking back the land from invasive and aggressive pests.
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