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- Mark Croft
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04/07/2010 3:43PM
Mark Croft
Leave some love for Mark Croft
03/09/2011 10:06AM
Your photo looks lonely
Your photo looks lonely on the Project M page. It's sitting solo on the bottom. They could've at least put a graphic next to you. Sheesh. Good luck, Mark!
03/25/2011 4:29PM
mmm..eye candy!
love lookin at you and listening. You are totally amazing!
04/14/2011 4:27PM
You're rockin' the challenges Mark! Can't wait to get out and see you again soon!
04/15/2011 10:38AM
You've got a beautiful voice!
Listened to "Permanent INK" (not link) and now I'm glad to have a new song stuck in my head. Big things await you!
04/29/2011 7:22AM
Jason's mom
Hi Mark - Wanted you to know that, even though I am partial to my son, I have really enjoyed listening to you each week and I really liked your Madison song this week. Hope to catch you at a live show some day.
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There is a real shortage of good live music venues in Madison, maybe even more so in Milwuakee.  We are lucky to play at the Ale House, it's been there for a long time and has always had bands.  I remember going there when I was 20 years old and seeing Greg Koch and the [...]
03/12/2012 05:28:16pm
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rock bottom
I do believe that no one is reading these blogs of mine.  For a while I was featured under the blog heading on the website, but no more.  Thats ok though, most of my blog posts were shit anyways.  Just ramblings about how cool I am supposed to be, what a rockstar life I lead. [...]
03/10/2012 04:48:39pm
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02/23/2012 10:19:07am
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Like a Purgin'
So I got the flu... I hate getting sick, but whatever, every year about this time it seems to happen.  I spent an entire night ridding my body of everything it had in it.  I mean everything.  Seemed to me like a good time for a fresh start. Some backstory,.,,  We had our trailer stolen, it [...]
02/16/2012 03:13:10pm
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The Ghosts in the Barn
Silence.  I am in the silence business these days.  Not all silence is created equal.  The silence at night after a huge snow in Wisconsin differs immensely from the silence in a tiny basement apartment 4 blocks from the Pacific Ocean in Hermosa Beach, CA, or a monstrous church that has been designed to make [...]
09/29/2011 03:02:08am
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