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Congratulations FRANK BUSCH! Good luck in Nebraska - we know you don't need it!

Last night at The Annex, Mark Croft, Jason Horowitz, & Frank Busch performed for the last time. The crowd that they drew was cheering throughout every artist's performance. And the performances had everyone's feet moving!

We'd like to thank all of our Project M Season 3 contestants for participating. Without all of your talent, we wouldn't have had such an engaging season. Thanks again to all who participated - we wish you all the best of luck during your future endeavors!

Lastly, we'd like to thank all of the sponsors who made this possible. We hope that you'll be interested in joining us next yesr!

Vote On Their Performances

Thank you all for taking the time to check out your local artists! Without their fans, they wouldn't have anyone to play for. You're keeping the scene alive!

03/24/2011 7:07PM
If Anna W. and Frank were a duet, would their fans be "Wankers"?
03/24/2011 7:39PM
i saw him and his band with some band out of chicago a couple months ago. pretty good stuff. this song is pretty cool. very different but really good.
03/24/2011 8:29PM
That Mauer's got some Pauer.
03/24/2011 9:00PM
Challenge 1
i am stalking ALL things Project M right now. lol... AND let's be FRANK, i am not going to beat around the BUSCH, i have voted(twice) already ;-)
03/24/2011 9:58PM
i like the line "once you flick the switch can you keep my light on" (at least i think that's what she's saying...sorry if i got that wrong)
03/24/2011 10:03PM
if i become a wanger...
do i get some wang underpants?
03/24/2011 10:22PM
Mark Croft is AaaaaMaaazzzzing!!!
Love your lyrics always and cannot wait to hear more awesome guitar playing!
03/24/2011 11:10PM
Amazing song, beautiful lyrics, can't believe he made it for a challenge.
03/25/2011 3:07AM
Blank Stare
I have had Anna Wang's song "Blank Stare" stuck in my head since the songs were posted! She has an unbelievable voice!
03/25/2011 9:01AM
Round 1 goes to Frank Busch
My favorite song was from Frank Busch. I keep singing 'whenever i took two steps toward you, you took another step away'. I know I like a song when I keep singing it in my head.
03/25/2011 10:17AM
This thing won't let me vote, but Ryan Mauer is the bomb.
03/25/2011 10:37AM
i have had "can't lose what you don't have" on repeat in my head since i first heard it. ok, i have to admit, i also listen to it every chance i get.
03/25/2011 11:33AM
Keep on
Writing songs like this Ryan. Really good stuff. Looking forward to tonight at the Club Tavern.
03/25/2011 12:23PM
Like the sound (and the hair) of Frank Busch
It's true! Not only a song I keep wanting to listen to, but the look to go with it!
03/25/2011 1:17PM
We love you! keep up the great tunes
03/25/2011 2:01PM
Ryan are you single?
let's make babies
03/25/2011 2:02PM
Ryan are you Single?
03/25/2011 2:57PM
I'm going with Frank Busch
Alot of good talent and I really enjoyed watching all the contestants but my favorite is clear - Frank Busch
03/25/2011 4:20PM
Mark Croft!!!
Mark is AWESOME!! Can't wait to hear him and his band tonight (Friday March 25th) at the Club Tavern in Middleton!!!
03/25/2011 4:48PM
Frank was great, and I loved Anna W's song - you two are the only ones whose sound really stuck out - I can't wait to hear what both of you can do!!
03/25/2011 5:02PM
I love your music!
03/25/2011 6:13PM
Ryan Mauer
03/25/2011 6:14PM
Double whammy
Captain obvious was catchy. Unclaimed property was unreal. How convenient, go see BOTH of those talented musicians tonight at the Club Tavern in Middleton.
03/25/2011 6:30PM
Charlie fan!
i love Charlie's voice and his song is so catchy yet unique! cant wait to hear more from him.
03/25/2011 8:56PM
Isn't it OBVIOUS???
MARK!!! (Obvious)
03/26/2011 8:34PM
Jason's song is amazing!
Can't wait for round 2!
03/26/2011 9:29PM
Love this stuff. Raw and meaningful. Good work.
03/27/2011 2:09PM
It's all about Charlie. He's got so much SWAG it's ridiculous!
03/27/2011 2:28PM
Captain Obvious
Mark played his new song last night at Tofflers in New Glarus, and it was a BIG hit, the crowd loved it! Great bar song! Good Luck Mark!!! :)
03/27/2011 3:35PM
Chelsea Z.
Chelsea Z. did a great job, hope to hear a lot more from her.
03/27/2011 5:52PM
amazing voice! beautiful woman!!
03/27/2011 6:30PM
Anna Dybdahl Rocks!
Saw her performance on Friday -- amazing. She delivered her next challenge song -- awesome!
03/27/2011 6:47PM
Croft is so talented! Love what he did with an odd challenge.
03/28/2011 9:05AM
Club Tavern
Saw Mark and Ryan at the Club Tavern Friday. Both did their tunes from the challenge. Both were really solid, and their bands killed it.
03/28/2011 11:00AM
Captain Obvious
Mark and his band were awesome at the Club Tavern this past weekend! Can't wait to hear more from such a talented guy!!
03/28/2011 11:00AM
Loved the music, loved the lyrics - great job!
03/28/2011 11:24AM
Talent on an EPIC Scale. Made my day!
03/28/2011 11:26AM
Amazing talent! My day just got off to an amazing start- listening to Jason is pure joy.
03/28/2011 11:59AM
Looking forward to hearing all the summertime songs. Hoping the weather gods are listening and will give us some summertime weather!
03/28/2011 12:57PM
Can't vote!
I want to vote for Anny Wang (you rock, girl!) but I can't vote. Help!!!
03/28/2011 1:51PM
Mark and Charlie
You heard it hear first. They clearly stand out. They will be the two judges will have to decide between this year, unless there is another major Cory Hart mistake made by the panel.
03/28/2011 2:10PM
Anna Wang
03/28/2011 5:03PM
Please read the site to get details about voting. It will begin at Wednesday at 5pm each week and will end at noon on the following Monday. If you continue to have problems voting on Wednesday, March 30th please email
03/28/2011 5:43PM
Frank has an amazing voice! Hands down the best!
03/28/2011 10:07PM
Not tuning in for the rest of this contest
wow way to get rid of the best contestant 1st round because she is "too sexual" bogus
03/29/2011 11:01AM
You really should explain
you got rid of anna, she was not voted off. great contest
03/29/2011 1:01PM
Why too sexual?
Why would you vote Anna off for being top sexual when you could've pointed out the Captain Obvious: that her song was bad, and she played it poorly. Regardless of the lyrics, that would have been a much better reason.
03/29/2011 1:36PM
It's gonna be a Mark Croft Summer!!!
Can't wait to hear what Mark wrote for this next challenge!
03/29/2011 4:34PM
sorry to hear that Anna is gone
Tough to see a contestant go but there is still alot of great music to be heard. My round one favorite was Frank Busch (although Capt Obvious was really fun) and I will be tuned into on Wednesday!
03/29/2011 5:00PM
oooooonnnnnnnnn wednesday!
03/29/2011 8:12PM
You have a new fan!
I saw the Mighty Short Bus on Saturday night and realized that I was watching one of your contestants!!! I am now a Project M fan and look forward to the weekly challenges!
03/29/2011 8:43PM
Captain Obvious
I've find myself humming a tune and then realize what song it is. Cap't Obvious is a catchy song that stays with you!
03/29/2011 10:47PM
Short Bus Frank
My girlfriend and I saw Frank Busch and the boys of Mighty Short Bus on Saturday! It was a great night and good luck to Frank with this weeks challenge!
03/30/2011 11:55AM
I thought this was a songwriting competition
Ok I'm sorry, Anna Wang's song was a great song. I loved her lyrics and attitude. Yeah, she looked a little nervous in her performance but from what I've gathered from the contestant bios she's one of the less experienced performers on the competition. But as far as songwriting goes she is one of the best in my opinion. Her powerful, straightforward lyrics are empowering for women. With all male judges no wonder they didn't like it. Way to be progressive MMM.
03/30/2011 12:05PM
Lost some respect for MMM
Kicking off the woman with enough guts to tell it like it is--way to go MMM. Her performance was a little shaky, but from what I gather she's one of the less experienced performers on the show. Her songwriting skills are top notch--I checked out her website and she is not just some girl trying to "sex things up". Maybe if you listened a little harder you'd realize that not only is she a phenomenal lyricist, she also delivers a message that empowers women--I'm a guy and even I can see it. Is triple m afraid of strong women? Hmm. There's probably a reason Kitty, the only female judge like the song, and the male judges didn't...Way to be progressive.
03/30/2011 12:24PM
I love me some Mark Croft!
Bring on 5pm!! Can't wait to hear the sounds of Summer:-)
03/30/2011 1:26PM
to be honest
I wasn't really a fan of anna wang...but then i heard her on jonathan and kitty's morning show yesterday and the song she played was SICK. i don't remember what the song was called and i couldn't find it on her website but her songwriting skills are undeniable. if anybody heard her performance and remembers what the song was called please post and let me know
03/30/2011 5:15PM
Summer Somewhere
Can I download that song from anywhere! Great lyrics, loved loved loved it! Go Mark!!
03/30/2011 7:02PM
female perspective
just watched all of the week 2 songs and the judges comments; come on, where's the female perspective? You dudes are judging on what dudes think summer is! what about the girls? We need Kitty back!!!
03/30/2011 7:07PM
Frank - nothin' but the BEST!
LOVE THIS SONG!!!I'm singing along and ready for summertime. See you at the Ale House :)
03/30/2011 9:07PM
Summer needs to get here
I loved last week's challenge, but would hate to be judging this week's. Disappointed overall, but enjoyed Frank and Ryan's the most. Looking forward to next week!
03/30/2011 9:55PM
needs to get on getting over himself and his overinflated ego. Winning one competition does not make one an expert on all things music. Opinion respected. But, come on.
03/30/2011 10:27PM
Briana- your songs are depressing me. Lighten up girl!
03/31/2011 6:10AM
These songs got me excited; now let's have some weather to go with them! All around good songs. Extra love for Jason, Mark, and Frank.
03/31/2011 8:14AM
wearing summertime
Wearing nothing, but the summertime... LOVE that line. LOVE the feeling of wearing nothing but summertime. LOVE the imagery conjured up by this song. LOVE the summer hair in the video, too. ;)
03/31/2011 8:23AM
Mark Croft
Woke up this morning with Summer Somewhere stuck in my head. What a great song!
03/31/2011 9:23AM
Not Very Good
I was underwhelmed by Anna's songs, and I can't help but wonder if all of the comments from outraged listeners are just a small group of Anna's friends. Let's be honest: she wasn't as good as the other contestants. Period.
03/31/2011 9:31AM
Jason Horowitz
wrote clearly the best song this week. My other favs are Mark and Frank.
03/31/2011 10:59AM
Starting to get interested
Mark and Frank were favorites coming in, and I think they still are. They write good pop tunes...I didn't quite connect at first with Jason, Ryan and Briana, but they're growing on me. I don't think any of those three write real pop songs, but they're styles are cool. Jason's got a cool vibe (almost Indigo Girls-ish or something) and Ryan and Briana seem to write songs you have to listen to a couple times. They're a little more songwriter-ish (Ryan almost feels like Jimmie in some places) and you need to hear them to acquire a taste. Anyway, all good stuff. Great group.
03/31/2011 11:21AM
Will these songs be available on some sort of compilation CD when it's all over? Or will songs be available to download through the artist's websites?
03/31/2011 12:05PM
Perfect capture of why we love SUMMER MARK!
In the beginning of your song - explaining that January makes us do funny things - walls closing in. . . this is why we LOVE SUMMER in Wisconsin! Bring it home Mark! LOVE!
03/31/2011 12:20PM
Compilation CD
There will be a compilation CD made. The song choices are up in the air as of right now. But we can work on getting you downloads of the songs. Also, I know a lot of the artists are making an effort to play the songs they've written at their live shows - make sure to go check them out!
03/31/2011 12:28PM
it is not about you jimmie
agree with above, judge jimmie needs small caps to balance his all about me attitude. keep it simple and about the songwriter and song.
03/31/2011 12:33PM
KUDOS to Summertime!
I am absolutely loving ALL of the music for this current challenge. Congrats to all of you and thanks for the new music.
03/31/2011 1:06PM
Never met Anna
Ive never met anna, so I do not think I would qualify for her small group of friends... but I am disappointed she was kicked off for her song being too sexual, what is this the 1950's?
03/31/2011 1:44PM
Judging comments constructive and helpful!
I'm impressed by the kind consideration and concern all judges are showing to the 2011 contestants. And the many well thought out, constructive comments being offered should be appreciated. Everyone on this judging panel is taking things seriously. Obviously when the contestant pool is filled with super talent, the judging gets hard. Kudos to the judges for hanging in there and making the tough calls. It can't be easy. All I know is that I'm glad I'm not a judge this year. I can't fathom eliminating any of the participants. The talent is overwhelming. What a tough job! And what a testament to the talent in Madison and Wisconsin. Thanks Triple M for showcasing the immense talent pool in Wisconsin!
03/31/2011 2:21PM
Round one to Frank Busch
I am real impressed with a your contestants (esp. Frank Busch and Mark Croft) although my favorite for the 2nd week is Frank Busch. I like his lyrics and his tone. Clean. Pure. I like it.
03/31/2011 3:18PM
Has anyone else noticed that all of the women in this group are named Anna or a variation of it, expect Chelsea? Has anyone else noticed that the only non-anna is also the only woman that's not singing a typical chick song? Nice job, Chelsea-not-anna!
03/31/2011 4:15PM
heat was great it really was, wish I could see more of her
03/31/2011 4:24PM
Jimmie knows very little!
This guy knows very little about how to write a song. The key to songwriting is USING cliches to connect with the listener. I'd be very surprised if this guy has ever written a song of his own...much less booked a single gig. Good luck washing dishes man.
03/31/2011 5:07PM
a lot of people don't like Jimmie it looks like. Either that, or one person. I love Charlie! Go see his show tonight at the Rathskellar!!!
03/31/2011 5:17PM
never met anna either
...i don't think her song was the best from the first week but it sure as heck wasn't the worst. I enjoyed "Heat". Solid song, better than her first week. After seeing her second song I do feel like it was a shame to see her go because I feel like she would have only kept getting better. Not that a songwriting competition from a small town radio station matters at all in the grand scheme of things anyways...
03/31/2011 5:33PM
This year there is a great balance between non-musical objective listeners and a really thoughtful and articulate musician. It's hard for some people to hear bad things about a contestant that you really enjoy but the reality is that for most of these songs there is room for improvement. If any of these musicians are lucky enough to play a showcase or even get in front of someone at a label that matters, they will be begging for the kid gloves that Jimmie is wearing. It's hard for some fans to come to terms with the fact that criticism is an inherent part of the music industry. If you're a fan, support musicians by buying their records and seeing them live...not by whining that someone said something bad about them.
03/31/2011 5:38PM
to sexual?
I think the male judges found the song uncomfortable because it reminded them of when they were with a girl who really wanted them, and they could not preform, and I suspect that many of the target audiance has had similar problems, as they are older, and more likely to be out of shape. However, from a commercial aspect, this could be used to the stations advantage, to increase the effectiveness of certain ads.
03/31/2011 5:58PM
Not bad, but maybe not what MMM is looking for stylistically
I wonder if every elimination is going to create as much of a debate as anna's... Even if she isn't the greatest contestant (she's definitely not the worst IMO), she sure knows how to stir things up... It seems to me that MMM shouldn't have even picked her as a contestant in the first place if they were just going to kick her off because they don't like what she had to say. The performance could have been better (also not the worst performance IMO) but the song was solid, and the melody was stronger than many of the other contestants even if it's not the typical MMM style. I don't think she's a bad songwriter/musician--I think this was probably the wrong competition for her. Also, I can't help but think that the verdict might have been different had there been more female judges... On another note, after seeing her summer song, it's pretty clear that she's capable of writing good, "nonsexual" MMM style songs, and if nothing else, she sure knows how to make an impression, which is half the battle when trying to make it in the entertainment industry...
03/31/2011 6:14PM
Or not to Sexual?
That is the question.
03/31/2011 6:17PM
Summer Rocks!
Keep it comin Mark!! Loved Summer Somewhere! Can't wait to hear it live and in person.
03/31/2011 7:52PM
kid gloves
When a record exec is providing the critique, it makes sense. They're professionals; experts. Linville is an artist, not a professional or expert. Maybe it's his condescending tone, and not what he's actually saying. Maybe he's trying really (too?) hard because he's nervous about having to critique his cohorts. I'm sure all of the contestants understand, and appreciate, having their art critiqued. It doesn't matter what the public thinks. Not about the judging, anyway. The music, always.
03/31/2011 9:38PM
Keep Going Ryan!
I got lost in that song (a good lost). The first time I heard it I found myself trying to sing along like I already knew the words. Nice work.
03/31/2011 10:36PM
meaning of cliche
um, Jimmie, if we the viewers have to hear "cliche'" one more time out of your critical mouth, we may all stop tuning into Project M. Really Jimmie, look up the definition.
03/31/2011 10:41PM
Anna Dybdahl rocks Fort Atkinson
Anna's show tonight was fabulous and sexy. Best fan review -- "Anna reminds me of Beth Hart live". Now that's someone who knows rock.
04/01/2011 8:26AM
Jason Again!!!!
Right from the start I knew Jason was going to give us great songs. This week was no exception. He is dreamy and nakes me tingle. Can't wait for next week!
04/01/2011 9:32AM
ahhh, summertime
I cannot stop thinking and dreaming about wearing nothin' but the summertime. Every time I listen to the song I smell suntan lotion (I mean sunscreen, of course!), the smell of skin after being in the sun, the smell of green trees and the sound of the leaves blowing in the wind, the sounds of jumping in the fishing hole (the splash, the squeal, and the gasp from the cold), the feel of the cold water on hot skin (especially bare, wearin' nothin' but summertime skin). Egads! Summer needs to hurry up and get here!
04/01/2011 10:06AM
The Meaning of Cliche
The actual meaning of cliche refers to a phrase that has been overused so much that it loses its original meaning. Thus, everything that Jimmy has referred to as cliché is incorrect, lol.
04/01/2011 10:33AM
summer somewhere
dear significant other: if i disappear in the night, you know who to blame. :) i. love. this song.
04/01/2011 11:34AM
I ain't no judge, but...
I know I'm not a judge, but if I were, here's what I'd have to say. Mark: love the song, love the melody and lyrics, makes me want to take drive in my convertible with the top down, makes me want to go wherever she went. Jason: catchy, would be fun on a road trip with the windows open, not too sure about the southern cross reference - the astronomical southern cross can only be seen in the southern hemisphere from what I understand, southern crosses in the sky in this hemisphere make me think of those gigantic creepy crosses looming over everything in IL, TX, and other scary southern states. Briana: pretty song, but really depressing, I'm afraid I'd fall asleep driving in my convertible with the top down, makes me think more of that winter/spring transition and being bundled up, hoping for summer. Chelsea: very cute, catchy, and fun, could up the tempo a bit and add a few interesting instruments like accordion, melodica, or mandolin if you perform or record it. Charlie: love it, it's catchy, conjures up images of summer, love the "oh well" and the whistling, more whistling please. Anna W: nice, not thrilling, the best part was the little giggle at the end. Frank: very summery and catchy, I can "feel" summer in this song, would definitely listen to it driving in my convertible with the top down, love the lyrics, love the ending. Anna D: pretty, but depressing, not thrilled with the vibrato thing at the end - a little too theatrical. Overall, the songs are good. Better than I expected. I'm not sure why some of them are so slow and depressing. Summer moves in slow motion, but summer songs should not. Just my opinion. By the way, listening to just the audio is much better than watching the videos. It's not as distracting, you can listen without being influenced by the "looks" of the performer, and you can devise your own opinion without the influence of the judges. Good luck to you all! I look forward to hearing the next songs! And summer, of course!
04/01/2011 12:38PM
strikes me as the most knowledgeable of all the judges. His feedback actually addresses the craft of songwriting, which is what this contest is about!
04/01/2011 1:08PM
Jimmie the judge
I like Jimmie, I think he is doing the job he was asked to do. I also really like Frank Busch's song Nothin But The Summertime. It is a song that I have gone to my computer to listen to over and over.
04/01/2011 1:13PM
Take a moment...
First off I absolutely agree with the kudos to the judges and contestants. A great group of musicians and personalities. Also, something to consider for those anonymously throwing stones. If having the courage to openly say what you mean and bear responsibility for that is "kid gloves", then what are you wearing if you are hiding behind a computer irresponsibly putting others down? Be nice people, there are so many more positive places to go.
04/01/2011 1:23PM
SHUT UP! You don't even know what you're talking about!! I've known Jimmie ALL his Life and if you really knew or understood him at all you would know he's the nicest peron, and does NOT have a big ego!! You obviously don't know him. and he does shows all over the place you have no idea what your talking about.. and the VAST MAJORITY of his work he writes, rarely does covers, but try listening to his Creep by Radiohead cover on youtube and I'd like to see just see YOU do a better job! LOLLLLL! quit hating and be mature, and try to just let the contest go on without your hateful uninformed comments. you make a fool of yourself. Jimmie has a job to do. I'm sure he's just trying to do the best job he can, and quit judging him so critically. it's uncool, and your so wrong about him.. your making a fool of yourself. it's a contest. everyone gets eliminated except's not life and death. lay off Jimmie because we love HIM!!
04/01/2011 2:03PM
More Croft and Summer Somewhere please!!
I keep singing Summer Somewhere everywhere I go. It just pops in my head and I sing it! Great melody and lyrics. Wonderful performance! Can't wait to see Mark live this weekend. Just can't decide...Shank Hall in Milwaukee tonight or Babasin Sun Prairie on Saturday night...
04/01/2011 2:30PM
If Jason and Chuck Norris were in a fight (or song contest)- Jason would would put the beat down on Chuck.
04/01/2011 5:00PM
Take a momment...
And look up the meaning of the phrase "kid gloves". You'll find it's an idiom referring to the use of caution or tact. That is to say plainly, Jimmie is being pretty nice when giving criticism. A record exec is not an artist, it's a person hired to make money. Que the time honored art vs commerce debate.
04/01/2011 7:33PM
Again, Mark is the best of the week!
Mark Croft had the best song AGAIN...I listened to his song first,*twice*, then the rest. Woke up singing it with a smile on my face! Great songwriter!!! Love Ya Mark! jm
04/02/2011 9:32AM
More mojitos
And more Jason, please.
04/02/2011 12:46PM
Meaning: [count] 1 : a phrase or expression that has been used so often that it is no longer original or interesting ▪ a speech filled with clichés about “finding your way” and “keeping the faith” 2 : something that is so commonly used in books, stories, etc., that it is no longer effective ▪ The macho cop of Hollywood movies has become a cliché. —cli·chéd /kliˈʃeɪd/ adjective [more cli*chéd; most cli*chéd] ▪ a clichéd phrase ▪ The movie's characters are clichéd and uninteresting. Thus, everything that Jimmy has referred to as cliché is accually correct!
04/02/2011 8:58PM
Frank Busch's song is my choice for week 2
I have listened to all of the songs at least 3 times this week. I really appreciate the work of local artists and enjoy this competition. Having said that, this week I am choosing Frank Busch's "Nothin But the Summertime". Keep up the good work everyone!
04/02/2011 9:03PM
Let's put the attention back to the contestants
Interesting banter about the judging, but I am interested in the artists. My pick so far is Frank Busch. I like his voice, his songwriting skills and his guitar style.
04/02/2011 9:09PM
FRANK BUSCH all the way!
Just got online to listen to Nothin But The Summertime AGAIN! Love this guy! Can't wait to hear what you have for us this week!
04/03/2011 1:03PM
We saw Frank and the boys of Mighty Short Bus last night in Dubuque! Great show guys-it was worth the trip!!!
04/03/2011 6:11PM
Mark, mark , mark!!
Hands down the best writer, performer and vocalist! He's the whole package!!!
04/03/2011 7:26PM
This is quietly a good tune. Seems almost Ray Lamontagne-ish. Not like Frank or Mark's poppy tunes, but it's pretty good.
04/03/2011 8:40PM
Mark, you are awesome!
Mark another great song. You are a new favorite of mine. Great voice and great lyrics. You are a musician!
04/03/2011 9:11PM
Can't you update the sound off page
for each week so we don't have to scroll through the entire contest's comments???
04/03/2011 10:24PM
Where's Anna?
So sad Anna got kicked off for lyrics too sexual... do you have the bawls implies courage or nerve in this case not sex. Get over it boyz and Jimmy just cuz somebody says you are cool doesn't mean you are.
04/04/2011 12:08PM
my picks
1.charlie 2. frank 3. anna d 4. mark jimmie is great but his comments shouldnt last longer than the song hes talking about...
04/04/2011 12:25PM
my 10 cents
charlie anna d frank/mark chealsea for me jimmie is great but his comments should not last as long as the songs he is talking about...
04/04/2011 9:52PM
Jason will be gracin the nation with his domination; the others best be bracin, while he's placing first, chasin the stars, acing the songs, casin the prize, facin the nation with his new reputation that he won from this station; y'all facin the facts? Placin your bets? Who's winning it all? It's Jason!
04/04/2011 10:42PM
Thanks for posting contestants original songs
Great idea to post some of the original music! I enjoyed learning more about their personal styles. I listened to Frank's SWAMP STOMP about four times!
04/05/2011 8:26AM
Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Jason! He is the Pioneer of Songation, when he writes with determination, he creates a sensation!
04/05/2011 9:20AM
all of the contestants have talent, some more than others but as far as authentic and original lyrics and voice: FRANK BUSCH all the way!
04/05/2011 2:49PM
It's possible I'm obsessed with this contest. I listen to most of the songs on a daily basis. Usually several times each day. And, when I'm not listening to them, I'm singing them. I'm probably driving my co-workers nuts! Iwish I could just download them all. It would save me so much time while I'm trying to work. LOL. I can barely stand waiting for the new songs to be posted each week!!!
04/05/2011 2:54PM
Was the name of the song Anna Wang performed on the morning show. You can find her singing that song on Youtube. Annabanana2989
04/05/2011 10:09PM
i agree with "obsessed"!
I read the entry "obsessed?" and I absolutely agree! I love this competition! My consistant favorites are Frank and Mark. So excited to see what everyone does every week!
04/06/2011 9:17AM
Children's Song?
After listening through Week 3's audio, I was surprised that more songs didn't sound like they were written for kids. Jason's stood out as the best to me- a great sing along song for kids (and big kids like me)!
04/06/2011 2:40PM
Waiting for a hit...
I don't know if it's because of the challenges or the contestants, but there just hasn't been a knockout song from anyone this season yet.
04/06/2011 6:16PM
Some cute, some not...
Interesting week. I really liked the songs of Frank and Mark. The others...not so much.
04/06/2011 7:01PM
Knows very little, eh?
Here is a quote from another comment above: "I'd be very surprised if [Jimmie] has ever written a song of his own...much less booked a single gig." The ridiculousness of this comment is astounding... Do realize he is judging these folks because he won the very same SONGWRITING contest last year? In other words, he had to write songs, many of them and the best of them, to be sitting with the judges this year. Also, here is a link to his band's upcoming show schedule: P.S. As an aside, Daniel and the Lion had a show booked 26 of the 28 days in February.
04/06/2011 7:02PM
kids today
Why weren't there songs like this when I was a kid? D*mn guys, these are GOOD! P.S. Apparently, d*mn with an "a" is profane.
04/06/2011 7:22PM
Anna D. nailed it
Anna's kid's song rocked, the Maya and Augustus thought so too. Just like a great Disney tune, the song had several layers that spoke to children and adults too.
04/06/2011 10:54PM
A to Z - King of the Jungle!
Well, Mark, we continue to LOVE your songs! Awesome job! Cannot wait to have the kiddos listen to it, they love the jungle!
04/06/2011 10:56PM
King of the Jungle!
Mark, you are awesome! Loved this song for kids and adults! Cannot wait to share it with the kiddos!
04/06/2011 10:58PM
I really loved your song this week, really sweet melody and great messages in the lyrics... I loved how the girl judge totally loved it too!! : )
04/06/2011 10:59PM
Don't understand?
Why do you vote someone off, and then have them perform and have us vote for them?
04/06/2011 11:00PM
for sale: tv
I haven't turned on my tv once, since Project m started. Totally addicted and that my friends is such a good thing. Madison musicians ROCK!!!
04/07/2011 8:05AM
Some cute, some not...
I really liked the songs of Frank, Mark and Jason but not excited about the others. Maybe contestents could be better informed regarding the challenge so they are all on the same page.
04/07/2011 8:22AM
Anna D., Mark and Jason the best
So far Anna D., Mark and Jason have my vote as the consistantly stongest stongwriters and performers!
04/07/2011 8:36AM
No suprise that Jason crushed it this week. I'm going to go make babies now- just so they can listen!
04/07/2011 9:38AM
Killed! Sooooo good. It's my favorite of the whole competition so far.
04/07/2011 9:39AM
Anna D.
Fantastic song this week! I spent a lot of time listening to the lyrics on this one and they do a fantastic job of capturing the true lessons of the story and laying them out. May be a bit over the heads of younger kids, but still an enjoyable song forthem. Also, sorry to see you go, Ryan. Your first song continues to be my favorite of the competition so far.
04/07/2011 10:17AM
is AWESOME! I want a copy to play for my kids. What a positive message and catchy tune. Keep 'em coming!
04/07/2011 10:48AM
I'm wishing that Jason wins it all. I heard he doesn't even have his lyrics in front of him most times - they are all in his head!!! Amazing - keep it up guy! GREAT, GREAT, and GREATER!!!
04/07/2011 11:59AM
Project M arvelous!
Thanks Triple M for this AWESOME contest! This is the first year I've been following (I'm a Mighty Short Bus fan) so tuning in for Frank, but I'm so impressed with all the contestants and judges. Personally, I think the judges should be MORE critical. When paired with positive comments, constructive criticism is important for these musicians to improve their songwriting and performing skills. I think Jimmie's doing it right. Thanks for this great competition - loving it!
04/07/2011 12:44PM
my humble opinion
I realize, once again, that my opinion counts for nothing. But, if it did, here's what I'd say: CHELSEA: very pretty, great lyrics, great kids song, would be a great on a "naptime" CD. JASON: love it, catchy, love the melody, makes me want to sing along, love the message. BRIANNA: it's pretty, but sounds kind of adult-like, I'm not sure most kids would understand what you're even singing, would be good on a "bedtime" CD. FRANK (and Freddy): love the guitar choice, the lyrics and message are great, love the melody, makes me want to sing along, and what a voice! CHARLIE: you never disappoint, great kids song, love the lyrics and lesson, love to sing along. MARK: awesome kids song, definitely a kids sing-along-song, great lyrics. ANNA D: it's pretty, but again, kind of adult-like, I'm not sure most kids would even understand what you were singing, I feel like you could vary your singing/songwriting style a bit more for this competition, it also seemed to just end - like there should be more. RYAN: love the song even it is is super inappropriate! let the parents explain. :) ....A songwriter/musician friend once told me that kids are the toughest critics. If a kid doesn't like your song, you may as well just throw it away. Ladies, you need to step up your game. Gentlemen, you got it spot on.
04/07/2011 1:47PM
How do you pick?
Jason, Frank, Mark? Frank, Mark, Jason? Mark, Jason, Frank? These three really came up with great kids songs. Good luck judges! I don't envy your position at all!
04/07/2011 1:54PM
What happened to Jimmie this week?
I missed his well thought-out insightful comments this week. He seemed subdued and afraid to say something wrong. So sad! Jimmie is a great judge! He understands the craft of songwriting. Please bring the "old" Jimmie back! Things were far more interesting when Jimmie weighed in with meaningful critiques about bridges, chords, melodies, choruses, etc. It was proving to be a bit of an education for all of us music lovers who don't know the art of songwriting. We were learning things!
04/07/2011 3:29PM
Could It Be?
That he wasn't critiquing because they were kids songs? Or because the songs were better this week? Or perhaps because he just doesn't care? Because these contestants do not compare to his competition last year.
04/07/2011 5:19PM
everyone was pretty good this week. thought marc was clear winner. with jason in second. anna in third. i was disappointed in charlie and frank only because i expected more from them. chealsea you murdered it last week...what happened? briana you have a perfect radio voice
04/07/2011 6:33PM
Where's Frank?
Wanting to listen to Frank's song again so I went to the pictures on the right side of the screen and his picture is gone. My kids are bumming!
04/07/2011 6:38PM
Jealous a bit? Seriously...?????
04/07/2011 6:42PM
Jimmie was great! I want the "real" Jimmie back!
04/07/2011 6:56PM
Sour Grapes^^^^^^^
That's all. Someone has issues here. L.O.L.
04/07/2011 7:32PM
Leave Jimmie Alone
Could everyone stop honing in on Jimmie, good or bad, and just get back to the contest and the contestants? Leave Jimmie alone, let him do his thing.
04/07/2011 8:08PM
Tough to vote
I am a first timer to PROJECT M. I came on tonight to vote (my choice was Frank) and when I didn't see his picture under the "contestants" I almost didn't cast my vote. Tough to vote for a contestant when it looks like he isn't in it.
04/07/2011 8:27PM
missing picture???
Just wondering about Frank. Is he still a contestant? I came on to cast my vote and Frank Busch. What's up?
04/07/2011 8:31PM
Mark Croft is King!!
It just keeps getting better and better! Mark, you knocked it out of the park once again! Anyone who gets a chance needs to see you perform live because the performances on Project are nothin compared to how you make songs come alive in person!
04/07/2011 8:32PM
Hakuna Matata Mark!
You've got this one in the bag! Can't wait to check out your performance at Babe's on West Side tonight :-)
04/07/2011 8:34PM
Projec M and the Madison Area Music Awards
Mark Croft is an amazing performer and songwriter. Don't believe me, check out his music at and then head to the Madison Area Music Awards website and check out all the categories he is nominated in this year! He's wonderful and I am so glad that I found him on Project M!
04/07/2011 9:21PM
King Mark
Here we go again... Mark is KING! He has been the most consistent, and to NOT have been chosen as one of the top three last week by the SummerFest judges??? Come on MAN!! He's the BEST!
04/07/2011 9:57PM
Where is Frank Busch? He is one of my top choices every week so I hope he isn't gone.
04/07/2011 10:40PM
RE: Could It Be?
It's probably in Jimmie's best interest to just tell every contestant "good job" because by giving honest feedback, he runs he risk of upsetting potential fans. Just look at the above comments. These challenges aren't exactly inspiring great songs though. It's ok if a kids song is a bit cliche and maybe a little watered down...but it's a bit like asking a chef to make you a great meal, but saying have to make a PB and J. If you want sincere, emotional, and meaningful musical expression, give these contestants a challenge that lets them tap into their personal inspiration.
04/08/2011 7:50AM
I have one vote a day. Today I was going to vote for "A Rabbit's Tale" by Frank Busch but I see his picture is gone. Will my vote count?
04/08/2011 9:12AM
For all of you who were missing Frank, he's back and running! If you cast your vote when his pic was not present it will still count. Thanks!
04/08/2011 9:29AM
Are my favorites this week. Frank's band may have a lot of fans, but his song this week wasn't as good as the last 2 weeks.
04/08/2011 9:35AM
Briana - simply wonderful
Listening to Briana, both live and on each one of these weekly episodes, makes it easy to loose a bit of sense of time and space. Just an incredible voice and sense of lyrical thoughtfulness. Simply Wonderful.
04/08/2011 10:52AM
Comments in reverse order
Hey Triple M, could you please list the comments in reverse order so that most recent comments are at the top of the list????
04/08/2011 1:07PM
Unfortunately, that's not possible...
The program used to create the comment thread does not allow us to do that. However, we can limit the number of visible posts. We'll decrease the number that can be seen.
04/08/2011 1:26PM
the guys stay consistantly better
In my opinion, all the contestants have had their ups and downs but it seems pretty obvious that Jason, Frank and Mark stay at the top of the list.
04/08/2011 1:55PM
You and Me - Best Friends For Life
Great message and a great song. I have been singing it all day! It's my favorite of the week.
04/08/2011 2:24PM
ladies v. gentlemen
I totally agree with "my humble opinion" (see above) --- the men in this contest are clearly better singer-songwriters than the women, at least as shown here. They've risen to each challenge, with a clear understanding of what was asked, and have come back with incredible songs. Brianna and Anna have beautiful, soulful voices and are very talented. They just maybe don't belong here, as every song of theirs sounds the same. Chelsea has done a great job of making each song unique; but I feel like she could do better. The ladies are just not giving me what I expected. In some ways it kills me to say this as I, quite frankly, typically prefer female singers.
04/08/2011 2:57PM
I am addicted!!!
This is a great competition! I keep going back through the weeks songs, not to necessarily judge them, but just to enjoy them! Favorites are "Captain Obvious", "Nothin But the Summertime" and "A Rabbit's Tale". Keep up the good work singers!
04/08/2011 3:40PM
RE: Projec [sic] M and the Madison Area Music Awards
You should also check out all of the Mighty Short Bus and it's members' nominations (there will be 8) here Pay the 5 bucks and vote. Now's your chance to support local music and vote for your favorite band/musician/song/record (ahem, MSB). And remember, if you don't vote you don't count.
04/08/2011 5:06PM
All 3 challenges, Frank outshines the rest
04/08/2011 7:16PM
Chelsea Z
Has a great voice and her songs have a lot of feelings.
04/08/2011 11:34PM
What a great message!
04/09/2011 11:13AM
I'm so torn... Jason/Mark...Mark/Jason. How do you decide?
Both songs were great. I loved Jason's message, I loved Mark's beat (and message). WOW. Both are wonderful children's songs. I don't want to split my vote, so I have to pick. SIGH! This is so hard. I think I'm going to opt for Mark because the tune is a bit "bouncyier"...but Jason's has the better message. WOW. What a dilemma. Can it get any better than this? Talent is Madison is AWESOME!
04/09/2011 1:18PM
Loving It!
Great songs this week from the whole group. Jason & Mark's are my favs. Jason's song has been in my head all week- I love it!!!
04/09/2011 4:17PM
Wow...what a hard decision...
I went back and forth a LOT! I finally decided that Mark's song is the best kid's song and Jason's is second best. Thus, I entered my hard "won" vote. P.S. Frank's is next best if that matters.
04/09/2011 4:58PM
without prejudice
I think Frank is the whole package. He has the look, confidence, stage presence, musical ability, humor,voice,and likeability. He holds my interest. I watch and listen to each contestant carefully. If I wanted someone to support or represent me or my company, Frank is the total package.
04/10/2011 7:11AM
Being a King!
Mark had definitely shown throughout this competition that he is King! The songwriting and the performing..AWESOME!
04/10/2011 7:16AM
Mark Croft..this week, next week and the following week!
It was a sad week last week when Mark was not chosen as the winner. He has been the most consistent contestant so far! Give him the credit he deserves. This week again it's Mark. Love that song..Being a King!!
04/10/2011 7:19AM
Check it out if you want to hear more of Mark's original tunes. He has an amazing voice and the way he plays that guitar blows me away! Being a King is my pick this week.
04/10/2011 7:49AM
So I am laying in bed this morning and my kids come in saying "will you put that song on again?". The song they were talking about is Project M's "A Rabbit's Tale" by Frank Busch! I love Project M!!!
04/11/2011 5:06AM
love the show
first of all. all the contestants were great. with that said, Briana has a recordable voice right now. she could make an album right now and I would buy it. But Mark and Jason truly wrote a kids song. And pat and Jon really need to take off the kid gloves and be honest with the contestants. If they truly wish to become stars then you have to understand that they can handle the truth. If you don't like a song, just say so.
04/11/2011 12:18PM
Musicians write jingles to pay the bills, not to sharpen their songwriting skills.
04/11/2011 1:08PM
A friend of mine recently shared this link with me. My initial reaction (don't get angry) was "Really? Good music? In Madison? Wisconsin?" Wisconsin is not known the world over for it's music, you know. Beer, cheese, brats, and Packer fans; yes. Music; no. Yeah, we argued about it. Turns out I'm kind of a music snob. That being said, I was really impressed by several of the musicians in this group. Most notably, Frank Busch and Mark Croft. They are goooood!!! They have confidence, talent, stage presence, and skill. The others in the contest are also very good; they just aren't hitting me in my gut like these guys are. I think a few of the contestants, with some maturity and experience, could become great! I think there are a couple of contestants that have that "Oh God, not another sounds just like every other singer-songwriter" sound. But, maybe this contest will bring them out of that "safe place." Some of the songs so far have been great! I keep going back and listening to them again. Some haven't done a whole lot for me. Either way, I will continue to tune in and be impressed. Congratulations! You've succeeded in impressing this music snob. And, that is no small feat. Good luck to you all. I can't wait to hear what jingles you come up with. ;)
04/11/2011 1:18PM
super inappropriate
I can't stop singing just that one little line... super inappropriate! I love it!
04/11/2011 11:05PM
This Season...
is lame, but at least I don't have to see Keefe Klug.
04/12/2011 2:22PM
I second the Keefe comment. Can I get a third?
04/12/2011 4:31PM
Tuesday is the new Monday!
Tuesday is now my least favorite day of the week bc there is no Project M action! Looking forward to hearing the writers work tomorrow. My interest is peeked highest for Frank Busch, but Mark is not far behind.
04/13/2011 8:15AM
Anna D. clearly the best
My vote is for Anna D. Clearly the strongest voice and songwriter. Can't wait to hear her jingle. Jason and Mark are pretty cool too, but if I were going to a show or listening to a hit on the radio, I'd want to see and hear Anna. Bet Atlantic would agree.
04/13/2011 9:18AM
To The "WOW" Comment
Madison is acutally considered #5 in the country for its music scene! The music industry list reads:1.LA2.NY3.Nashville4.Austin5.MADISON!Pretty cool stuff:)
04/13/2011 9:30AM
To all of the haters...
If you have such a strong opinion on these kids' writing skills, why don't you try out next year and show us all how it's "properly done". haha. can you even carry a tune?
04/13/2011 12:32PM
RE:To all the haters...
Me being musically untalented won't make these mediocre songs any better. I blame the challenges, which have been super weak.
04/13/2011 1:03PM
Jasons Jingle made me tingle!
04/13/2011 2:55PM
RE: Re:To all the haters...
What kind of challenges would you suggest? I mean no disrespect, but rather, I am sincerely interested in what you would consider to be a "good" challenge.
04/13/2011 3:29PM
to the *To The "WOW" Comment* commenter
My apologies. I meant no disrespect. Like I said, I am impressed. And will continue to delve further into the Madison music scene. That said, out of curiosity I have searched high and low for these statistics you quote and can't find them anywhere.Oh. And. F##k Nashville. Unless you're a fan of ticky tacky plastic country. Yay Madison!
04/13/2011 4:57PM
To all the haters...of bad challenges
A bad challenge: Write a kids song taking inspiration from a kids book. A good challenge: As an adult, look back to your childhood and find a vivid or emotional memory. Write a song about this memory that expresses your feelings both as a child and as an adult looking back. A bad challenge: write a song about summer. A good challenge: Changing seasons are often associated with the cycle of life as winter is reborn into spring and the life of summer fades into autumn. Write a song about a human event or activity that uses the imagery of the barren winter blossoming into an active summer.
04/13/2011 8:01PM
My pick for this week.
My pick for this week is Frank. I not only liked his jingle but there is something really rich and solid about his voice. I may have to check out his band. Thanks for posting the contestants schedules.
04/13/2011 8:11PM
are kinda boring. But Jason's, Mark's, Frank's and Chelsea's jingles were great! Jason and Mark seem to be outshining the rest.
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03/12/2012 05:28:16pm
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rock bottom
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