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I think my heart may have stopped beating

Dear Superstars,

During last night's elimination I think my heart may have stopped beating and that would've been it's own "drive-by heartache." This competition is tough but I'm very proud for making it through the first challenge. My level of stress may be heightened but it's a good stress because I feel alive on that stage. I also feel quietly confident about the second challenge from just picking a title out of a hat and then writing a song around it.


For "Drive-By Heartache" I wanted to showcase a more structured song: verse, chorus, verse, bridge, and chorus. "Drive-By Heartache" has become a love affair for me because I can see me performing this on stage in the future for all my Superstars. I might need to get a band because I was having some Bruce Springsteen moments in my head on stage. The whole song is about the hardships of being a rockstar. There's life and then you get older and we watch our favorite role models sort of lose their way and become more conservative. This song is an anthem to say you never have to let time change who you are, even as you get older you don't have to stop fighting the fight. Don't trade in your leather coat and microphone for a 9 to 5 spot and please burn all briefcases. Ha ha!

I rehearsed this song a lot because I wanted people to hear a fuller piece played on the piano. Last week my song was repetitive and I didn't want to receive that same note from the judges. Honestly, songwriting is more about feelings for me. Even with the pressure of being accused of being repetitive I did what was best for the song in the end. The judges, the crowd, and the other musicians were incredibly sweet. It's hard putting yourself out there and sharing that vulnerability but in the end this was very rewarding. It was cool that Stevi called me a "Pop star." Sigh… Yes I am. A Pop star with substance!


The outfit I wore last night complete with the painted gun on my face is a tribute to my music video "Burn the Money." #BTM comes out today on YouTube at 10 PM CT. It's a similar format to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" because it tells a story and the music video itself is a short film, 15 minutes in total length. If you'd like to come and see it tonight we're having the premiere at Inferno Nightclub at 7PM. It's a celebration of independent filmmaking in Madison, WI and one thing you should know about me I love indie art, music, and film. If you can't make it out visit my YouTube link at the top and you'll be sure to see it.

"Burn the Money" Official Premiere link for more information about tonight:

Thank you again for all the love and get ready to vote, vote, vote!

XOXO with a dash of glitter,
Joey Broyles
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Songs for Tax Day

So I learned today that if you're getting a refund, there's no penalty for not getting your taxes in by today's deadline. But why would you want the government to keep your money any longer than they already do?

With that question in mind (and a few others) I present my Tax Day 2014 Playlist.

!. Sunny Afternoon by the Kinks (This is a very cute video).

2. 1040 Blues by Robert Cray with the clever line "I hate taxes"

3. Taxman by the Beatles. (Just to mix things up here's Stevie Ray's version!)

4. After Taxes by Johnny Cash. Everything you can't buy because taxes are so high.

5. What if We All Stopped Paying Taxes by Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. I'm pretty sure I don't advocate this extreme option, but it's a pretty good song!

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'Blood Moon' not as scary as it sounds. ~Stevi

Were you able to catch the 'blood moon' last night? It was a beautiful spectical presented by nature and the atmosphere that caused the moon to change color, ranging from bright orange to blood red. Not sure what it means or why it's such a big deal? Watch the video below, or read Huffington Post's article.


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Believe In The Possibilities Of The Impossible

Dear Superstars,

This is a quick love letter to all of you supporting me during the Project M competition. The response from "Light Blue Sweater" last week was huge and I hope I can make a big splash with "Drive-By Heartache." It means more to me than you'll ever know to have ALL this love and I thank you for it. Who knows who is going home tonight? Ahhh! What I know is every single songwriter up on that stage has inspired me to continue perusing this dream. Maybe I'll still be standing for yet another week in this competition and maybe not. No matter what I'll never stop the fighting the fight. Believe in the possibilities of the impossible and we'll see you tonight!

Xoxo and a dash of glitter,
Joey Broyles
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Blood Moon: reason to stay up late, or end of the world?

There's a preacher in Texas who's a little freaked out about tonight's lunar eclipse, and the three that follow every six months over the next two years.

He thinks it's a signal of the end of the world!, and has even written a book about is theory.

I think it's just a good reason to stay up late (or get up early). Starting at 12:20 tomorrow morning, this astronomical phenomenon will begin.

Here's your new big word for today--"tetrad." That refers to the four "blood moon" eclipses that we can look forward to between now and September of 2015.

Now I don't really go for end of the world prophecies, because if I did, what would prevent me from having a chocolate milk shake every day with lunch?

Meanwhile, I was watching a special on PBS the other night featuring Jason Isbell of the Drive By Truckers. He says when he dies, he doesn't want it to be in a Super 8 Motel. That's also a bad place to be if it's the end of the world. On the other hand, you wouldn't have to worry about being late for check-out time, would you?

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Bully gets taste of his own medicine. ~Stevi

This. Is. Amazing: After terrorzing a family with disabled children, a judge sentences a man to hold a sign which read "I am a bully I pick on children..."

The man says the sentence "ruined my life". I say, lesson learned. Hopefully, the justice system takes not of this case, and this type of punishment is more widely utilized.

Full story here.

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Nirvana enters the Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame in a big way ~Stevi

The surviving members of Nirvana (Dave Grohl and Christ Novoselic) stole the show at last night's Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. It was great to see how close the two musicians are. Especially considering their fellow inducties KISS flat out refused to reunite to play just one song.

It has been 20 years since Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain took his life, and equally as long since Krist and Dave have performed even one Nirvana song, but they brought down the house with Joan Jett stepping up to fill Cobain's shoes for 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.

Kurt widow Courtney Love even behaved herself, extending warm words and hugs to Krist and Dave. I think the best speech of the night came from Kurt's mom Wendy. "...he'd be so proud. He'd say he wasn't, but he would be. I just miss him so much. I miss such an angel".

Full review of the night here.

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Getting The Creative Juices Flowing

This Monday was great! Everyone is so talented and the styles are so different. I tried really hard to write a song that was upbeat and fun and to be honest it was a little out of my comfort zone, which is EXACTLY why I am doing this competition: to get the creative juices flowing.

I did mix up some of my words, which was a bummer, but overall I was happy with my performance.

This week, my song title is, "Token Angel". To be honest, at the beginning, I didn't totally get it. BUT, after some thought and free writing exercises, I am happy to report that I have a great direction for my song. It is going to be mellow and wordy (which is my forte) and I am going to be make DANG sure that all of the words are ingrained in my brain!

I can't wait until Monday to meet up with everyone again and hear their newest creations!
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Kitty's blog: what coming back from vacation feels like

I just returned from a wonderful vacation visiting family in the state of Oregon. We had some 80 degree days, I got to smell a little sea air, eat some great food, and try some outstanding beer.

All the same, it's great to be back in Madison. But I must admit, I'm feeling a little foggy.

Kind of like looking at the world through the bottom of a milk shake glass. In other words, I feel kinda like this little hedgehog.

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Recapping The First Performance

I had a lot of fun getting to watch some talented artist at Funk's Pub Monday night. I want to give a special thanks to all my friends and family who came out!
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