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Jonathan Suttin

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Don't Become a Twitter Twit

As a child my dad would always remind me to think before I would speak.  These days we have to tell kids to think before they tweet.  A Greek triple jumper named Voula Papachristou is going to miss the Olympics because of something dumb she tweeted.
I guess we can just add her to the list of morons who think of something stupid and then tweet it.  Hello, Gilbert Gottfried.
This Olympian made a joke about Africans coming to Greece and West Nile carrying mosquitos.  West Nile virus was originally discovered in Uganda.  It was dumb and not funny.  She also apparently made some comments supporting politicians who have extremely far right views on immigration in Greece.

What a waste.
I can only imagine all the hours, days and even years she put in training to compete in London.  It’s all of it gone after typing a few stupid words in an attempt to be funny.
Comedians don’t attempt triple jumps because they’re not athletes and Papachristou shouldn’t have attempted humor because she is not a comedian.

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07/25/2012 6:21PM
Don't Become a Twitter Twit
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