Watch That Watches You

Wednesday, February 8th


Jonathan and Kitty discover a watch that tells you when you're boring.


Phyllis in on this thing that you found that probably would have been helpful just moments ago when I was doing knows about half it I was Lincoln just the same thing that's strange. Researchers at MIT are working on a watch okay. That analyzes your conversations and vibrates to let you know when your being boring moment. We're talking too much. This is amazing. But they'll uses artificial intelligence and then vibrates. And my editors things like your heart rate and your blood pressure the tone of the conversation. Also by picking up on things like long pauses and how often you repeat yourself. While. Younger than they use can telephone conversation is happy or sad but about an 80% accuracy so they're getting close. I was pulls most of the data from the person who's wearing it but they need to pop figure out how to analyze multiple voices out once. That's one of the thing well like so is it is in meat it's being boring here is that the person that I'm talking to Brett being boring well. Feel like would you if you're going to a party situation yes so then you say to people OK you all have to wait this. When you're coming from the party right I'd be willing to do that because you know would this would have been great for. So I am thinking of so many people who eat who used to use it murkier than yeah it is so bad oh my god I don't know like it says if you're repeating yourself does it mean only if you're repeating yourself from within that same conversation like saying the same thing over and over. Like one certain boss that would like give us an instruction twelve ways an idea like I get it and get it go away. Yet that was bad but think about those stories he used to tell more than a crazy stuff is engineers used to work you Bada bing thing a couple of members got one that we would like eighty times. That's that's what I'm thinking more ticket a look at it but it does it. What it talent and that he's told that story to the same people M hasn't. Well we would have felt all right that's why we'd have to where there spends too and I think I'd be willing to. When you I don't know I with death. They say it would be good for people who are not good at catching the non verbal cues around like wind. You start to connect your phone can you done is flying more like the hour in those meetings whom we would literally stand up. Right start walking towards the door up I played it several more part of that's just like how do you not understand where we're block away. From here. You don't would be great is if they could they can move it up a little bit that it gives you. Gives you a little shock. Huh huh huh huh you know up if you too boring yeah. I'm maybe I don't want that bullet there with you remember that episode of cheers where norm was trying to be a better person and are cliff. Problem knowing glance I would think. Because at least he's spouting off I was messing everything and they he has so his psychiatrist was in the bar with a fist buzzer that was attached to hand maybe this is where it every time he would say something like pompous or boring or go on and I about it. Do remember that ups and then and then my favorite part about it was at that and the that one little really old drunk guy that never said anything that now is just sitting there. He got a hold of saying that made him. Native was techniques that caused dance mailman get to pick penny just kept pushing the button senile that's totally funny but when you tell me that again at 11 this morning. I doubt it how to not.