A Skill Our Children Don't Have

Thursday, March 16th

Jonathan & Kitty lament on how kids don't memorize commercials anymore.

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So there's something very alarming kitty that's happening to our society. Yes I I don't know what specific one unit tell me about. Kind of a big sentence he I mean I I just don't know what what is happening to America. As far as. What we're doing to our children. Because. I just don't know what to say Algiers region headlines. Many kids. Today. Don't know what commercials are home like I mean let's. If you are sick of his radio program for any length of time you know they can deny especially kitty is very good every sighting commercials. Most gas typically are knowing a lot of different catch phrases from commercial rights passed store I mean that's kinda making up new Lear excessive jingles of the past that was something we did as kids will. And we did too. Many come to mind right now that are really dumb that I had. First of all before we get into all that let's hear you do what was that the Taliban with I think did you do I'll still love it and already the hosting now this is what children are not going to be able to do. Later in life take you away Katie. May. We need more. And oh wait how do you get your shirt so clean mr. Lee. Ancient Chinese secret my husband some hotshot hears is ancient Chinese secret count on count Akamai to wash shorted out laundry get up to 30% cleaner. We need more proud guy and aging Chinese secret home on that would be lost. I you have to think I missed a little pad and you've got a lot of it. I think you're pretty good so here's what it says the survey revealed that most of kids living in Netflix only homes. Do not know anything about commercials. Total modern parents were included in the study. By an extremist. And there but they said that 82% of children on the watch streaming platform in no regular commercial as which makes sense. So I mean I can remember when first there were when VCR is in beta came out I felt. How are they gonna do this because you could fast forward through the commercial rice did you feel like part of watching a show was that. UConn out were rewarded. For trudging it out through the commercials sort of you know I mean like. Lol hopefully only three more commercials all know they're saying this is ABC there's going to be a whole more mass mar you know there's always like that. That was kind of how well I never felt really guilty about zip into the commercials right but free VCR oh right like when you just had to endure or like when I was watching happy days. Do you remember watching. Anything ever on like WG and then back during the day and it seemed like there was more commercials than movie. Oh yeah. Only eleven minutes a commercial than five minutes and like we really are inaccurate and it's like we'll watch is this movie it's normally two hours taking four hours a MITRE keeps senior girls shot to a pain I'm sorry I tell. Go to Ferrell. And Alec kids are you gonna miss that you're gonna ask about it find out when they look back at their childhood who is right. Speaking of I feel bad for them to me to.