Revenge May Be The Best Medicine

Thursday, January 12th

Jonathan & Kitty talk about a study that says getting back at someone is good for you.


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So maybe your field down a little mallet these days for whatever reason winter blahs. Well here's something that could question about a mood in. I mean it's terrible. A study found that when you get revenge on someone it instantly puts you in a better mood. In fact it's one of the bass methods to switch from a bad mood. To a good one. That's awful. And it says just to make it even mores the researchers found you don't even need to get revenge on the person who wronged you to feel better he is taken out and someone else. And now you feel better but is that I mean is that really true though I mean they it's according to a study right could that be. If there was all right so someone wrong enemy. And then years later or months later days later I get revenge on that specific person. I'm. Just imagining revenge. Kind of helps me because I imagine some creating Nass. Revenge tactics on certain people mean to and it's kind of I. I'm imagining some right now the hook up. I'm working it's you know what you're what you imagine I can you definitely been in the situation. Com. Like all right this is gonna sound convoluted but let me just do right heroically tried to follow so there is a columnist in Chicago a newspaper columnist he's no longer columnist there. I'm I never really liked him. But then I just never liked his writing and then here is no and I didn't known yours later. I was dating a woman who ended up was also a journalist and she went to meet him to like. Like get some advice high and then after she madam she told me that when she met him she ended up making out him okay seriously. She told me about it I'll never forget we are at the airport in Houston and one of his books was on sale there and she looked out and she said I made out with them as like liked. So in my head that was obviously super annoying. Years later I was at a restaurant in their he was sitting alone. At the restaurant eating by himself in downtown Chicago this is totally true. And I as I walked by him I like thought I thought of obviously for years Iverson's home when I say so as I walked by him he looked up. And you know and I said. Really like to Michael Jerome Kern book. You could look at all Michael during that I'd read that was really good in it was like six man. So that soul what you think in your head you're gonna do. I mean that was the worst. I think even I mean Heidi if everything he was. At least like Kolb and Adam paged to the phone or something and then. Sets and the need right out of now. Isn't that lame so not only was it reversed but if anything which you wouldn't remember if you be like the net and how is your mood after a year failed revenge attempt awful. C yes you did the run Pena. If you imagine some good well I imagine. And tell you what I imagine but I would never do it at me I would never put a bomb in someone's car. You've been out wow wow. Got to have developed sense of vengeance. It's going to get children troubles on. They don't want to. It killed my father.