The Dating App You'll Hate to Love

Friday, February 3rd

Jonathan and Kitty talk about the new way to find love.


Before you know at all. That's when I hear a it's gonna be Valentine's Day chance to hang out with young love. You feel kind of bomb can downturns is kind of suck you. Don't have a lombok don't say that like that anymore I might have to. Take action on a day so there's a new app and you dating out. So I mean you guide your genders in your grinder Xena swiping left and swiping right trying to find the people that you. Could potentially love you know aloud about this but this new this new app. It's the kids who who work here is show me era Alcan but it so the new app is called. Hader. What Paris and basically this is the first dating app that matches people and that things that they hate. That's fantastic isn't I mean so there's all sorts of things I mean you get it could be like camping. Or gluten free or. But self fees or Taylor Swift or Donald Trump or whatever you think of Chicago Bears green bay Packers and so then they match you up by the things that you hate. So it's an isolated started what. I'm wondering if yes do you and I hate the same things is I mean. We better relationship here feel like I'm now 18 years everybody morning we're hanging now a no. And I say more like love all the way to keep out. What I hate when you do that. I atletico we do spend a lot of them waking hours together don't we in the small room we deal. Craig do you pay Emma that tell you some things I hate okay and see if you also hate them I hope. Swiping left or means I like it swiping right needs hate. The movie they English patient's. I do I mean I think I swiping left I think I liked it at the time and don't remember did you hit that voted yes OK. Dumb and plumber and a mobile. The Capri pants. Look are you still talking about when I wore them last week I gotta look good it knows what can we just drop that are.