Building a Different Kind of Wall

Tuesday, February 7th

Jonathan & Kitty talk about a strange feud between neighbors in Canada.

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So I just put a lot of talk about walls maybe in the news over the past. Years so great well this is this is a while in Canada okay it to different kind of walk home. It's wall that's dividing two movie plays out we are chills I usually just send us. Usually it is just to fans OK you have a neighbor you don't really usually it's if it is. Offense it's probably not visible from Google Earth. But this wall is Susan New Brunswick Canada. Apparently. Instead of going to court still. In this sleepy farming community of Indian mountain. Is where this happened one couple allege that they're not so kindly neighbors. Piled in the new or on the edge of their property for nearly eight year. And Chile grew into a steaming. Steaming. Large. Wall. Of hoops while. A judge said the manure was piled high and a photo taken by Google Earth from a satellite shows it. If I have little doubt these activities were initiated by the Mary's such other family designed to inflict fear. Nuisance. And harassment and has Smallville lives so this is the fight is as the feud between them Mary's in the go lots. Yes the age old battle. Yes. Confused how did they create this wild group apparently they have can have Paulus who says they just collected up and put it on the edge. OK so I like a slow process they were awarded about fifteen because. Our 151000 dollars Canadian in damages and issued an injunction and that explicitly forbids them Murray's and their cows from stepping foot on the glass property. And from blowing rocks are slinging manure onto it across property line and you wish you could have been like a reporter for this court case. Judge judge also awarded the marries. Whose own property surrounds the Goliaths on three sides say they've got. Is that it's like that's their only neighbor pretty much on not to communicate with their neighbors and last. It's in writing but today say writing in one. I don't think so wallet. Anyway if you have read a feud with your neighbors just betray all day in attitude in. Get in should give it up to that level.