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Clyde Stubblefield to get honorary degree from UW

When it was learned that legendary Funky Drummer Clyde Stubblefield had passed away on Saturday, tributes started coming in from just about everywhere. Now the University of Wisconsin has announced that he will be given an honorary degree. According to a release, university official say... Read More

Welcome back to Madison, Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers are coming back to Madison! They were the first major rock stars to play Breese Stevens Field back in 2015, and they must have had a great time--because they'll be back this summer. Mark your calendars for June 17th--and get ready to buy your tickets on Friday, February 17th... Read More

How not to spend $1000

We'd love it if you listened to Triple M all the time, but next week it could wind up being a profit deal. Starting Monday, listen at 7,11, 2, and 5 for your chance to win $1000. We bet that would come in handy! In an effort to be even more helpful to you, we offer the following suggestions of ways... Read More

We need more New Year's songs

It seems there are millions of Christmas songs, but only a handful of songs for New Year celebrations. That needs to be remedied. Some of the songs that appear to be about New Year's Eve, or New Year's Day, are really about something else entirely. U2's New Year's Day? That's about the Solidarity... Read More

Did the Rock Hall Get it Right?

In their first year of eligibilty, Pearl Jam gets the acknowledgement of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That's probably not a huge surprise to anyone. According to the Rock Hall, inductees must exhibit unquestionable musical excellence and talent, and must also have had a significant impact on the... Read More