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Potato science

Nerd Talk: Introducing the Self Driving Potato Car

I would never have guessed that the eventual downfall of the human race could be potato powered, but looking back, I suppose a lesson many of us learned in middle school science class could have prepared us for tater power. How to power a lightbulb with a potato Not like that. That's ridiculous. I'... Read More
Win Butler of Arcade Fire

WATCH: Arcade Fire Reveal 'Everything Now' Track List

Arcade Fire just shared a video that reveals the track list for their forthcoming album, Everything Now , which drops July 28. The big reveal centers on the album artwork, and you can check it out below. EVERYTHING NOW: 28th July 2017 — Arcade Fire... Read More
The Killers

WATCH: The Killers Release Video for Latest Track, "I'm The Man"

The Killers , who just made a surprise appearance over the weekend at Glastonbury , just shared the music video for their funky new track, “I’m The Man,” in which frontman Brandon Flowers attempts to convince anyone and everyone that he is, in fact, the man . In the video, he takes on different... Read More
Singer-songwriter LP

WATCH: Everything You Need to Know About LP

You know singer-songwriter LP for tracks like “Lost on You,” “Muddy Waters,” and “Into the Wild,” but there’s a lot about her you might not know. In this exclusive Billboard interview, she gives a brief run-down of everything you need to know about her. Watch to find out some of her favorite things... Read More
Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails

Watch Nine Inch Nails Perform "She's Gone Away" on 'Twin Peaks'

If you watched last night’s episode of Twin Peaks: The Return , then you caught a tasty Nine Inch Nails performance of “She’s Gone Away” off their latest LP, and the first in a series of three , Not the Actual Events. The show has featured several other artists who have performed at the Roadhouse—a... Read More
Welshly Arms

POLL: Are You Feelin' "Legendary"?

A combination of blues, soul, and rock gives Welshly Arms a unique sound that they totally own, but is it "Legendary"? Now's your chance to let us know—make your voice heard and vote in the poll below! Are you feelin' Welshly Arms' "Legendary"? What's the story behind "Legendary"? The band... Read More

Too Much Screen Time, 70s edition

When I think back to my childhood growing up in Stevens Point, I like to think that I spent most of my time outside, riding my bike, hanging out with my friends, playing Kick the Can and Whiffle Ball, going to the pool (which we called the Munici-pool). But the truth of the matter is this: I... Read More
Getting a tattoo

Apparently "Armpit Tattoos" Are a New Thing?

Apparently armpit tattoos are the latest trend. Now whether or not you think they look cool, here's something else to consider: The armpit is one of the most PAINFUL places to get a tattoo. Some say the only spots that are more painful are ... well, let's just say the "other" areas. Yet, despite... Read More