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Jonathan Suttin

What does Jonathan have to say?

World Wide Won't

The internet is supposed to be down for a few thousand Americans today.  There was some type of virus unleashed on some suckers computer users which will block access to the internet. 

The horror!  What will all these people do to fill their day?!

Perhaps, work?

Think about how much you could actually get done without the internet.  I know the internet provides a lot of information right at your fingertips, but often times that’s the problem.
You hear someone in the cubicle nearby talking about tomorrow’s Major League Baseball all-star game.  It makes you think back to the all-star game where Pete Rose ran into that catcher.  Who was that catcher?
Ray Fosse
Now the flood gates have opened.   Next you look to see what Ray Fosse is up to these days.  Oh, he’s an announcer for the Oakland A’s.  Hey, why do the Oakland A’s have an elephant as their mascot?  Now you’ve spiraled into random question after question which takes you on a strange and wonderful path that ends up with you now knowing Sterling Holloway was the voice of the Cheshire Cat in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

A good 30 minutes have been wasted.

I know the internet is good for email and actually selling items.  However, I wonder how effective it would be if I actually had to talk to my co-workers about something as opposed to just forwarding an e-mail?

Perhaps some time in the future, we’ll evolve to a world without the internet.

Now excuse me, I have to update my Facebook status.

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07/09/2012 10:00AM
World Wide Won't
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