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Kitty Dunn

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Wisconsin roadside attractions

It seems PBS is always running specials about cool roadside a bakery that's shaped like a giant donut, or motels in cabins that look like teepees. Since it's almost time for summer vacation, I thought I'd look into what Wisconsin has to offer..and I found there's a lot out there worth exploring. I could head up to the  Duluth area to meet a man who works at a landfill and has made a really huge ball of twine. (Lake Negagamon to be exact). Birnamwood, Wisconsin boasts the World's Largest Badger. Actually, it's just a badger head and it's outside a strip club, The Northern Exposure Gentlemen's Club. What? They couldn't find a beaver? But I think they first place I'll venture is Delavan, where a lot of circus troupes used to spend the winter back in days gone by. Not only do they have a giant fiberglass giraffe..they also have a huge rampaging animal. According to legend, Romeo The Killer Elephant knocked off five people within 15 years, including one he impaled on his tusk. And he once escaped his barn and terrorized the countryside for three days! Actually, no one knows for sure if this really happened, but it does sound like a good excuse for a road trip. My car gets pretty good gas mileage..who wants to join me? Find out more about Wisconsin roadside attractions here.

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05/31/2011 7:23AM
Wisconsin roadside attractions
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10/23/2011 11:01PM
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05/31/2011 1:25PM
Oh, I recently checked out a book at the library that was full of weird, random stuff in WI!
05/31/2011 2:09PM
That badger used to be part of a gas station - it sits on a giant log that you could drive in, at one point. At least, my foggy childhood memories tell me so. I KNOW it wasn't a strip club when I was a kid.
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