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Kitty Dunn

What does Kitty have to say?


Who do you share a birthday with?

For some reason, most people can name at least one celebrity they share a birthday with, and they take pride in that. Like they must also share some characteristics with that person by virtue of the day they were born. For example, my boyfriend Mike shares a birthday with Thomas Jefferson. He was pretty cool aside from all that slavery stuff. Another friend shares a birthday with Duane Allman. Now that's impressive. If you were born today, you share a birthday with Sheryl Crow, which is kinda neat.  But you probably don't want any one to know you also share a birthday with Jeb Bush. My birthday is Sunday. I've always felt a little ripped off in the shared birthday department. I've got Peter Gabriel (okay, he's not so bad), and another Peter--Peter Tork of the Monkees. But do I share my birthday with any one that's not named Peter? So I did a little online research. I also share a birthday with Chuck Yeager and football bad boy Randy Moss. (Oh no!) What's this? I share a birthday with Tennessee Ernie Ford? That's awesome! I think that means I should get 16 Tons of birthday cake....

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02/11/2011 8:18AM
Who do you share a birthday with?
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02/25/2011 2:38PM
I share a birthday with Britney Spears. Really.
07/28/2011 8:10PM
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