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Kitty Dunn

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Where's my Kennedy?

tedThe passing of Senator Edward Kennedy yesterday got me to thinking. Where's my Kennedy? Growing up in a VERY Democratic, liberal household, I was always searching for a political candidate who inspired in me the kind of hope and confidence that John Kennedy and later Bobby Kennedy inspired in members of my family. I know my parents went to a rally for JFK and my mom got to shake hands with Jackie. I'm pretty sure my older brothers and sister thought Bobby Kennedy was pretty cool. But they were gone long before I started forming my own opinions about politics. So in 1980, when Jimmy Carter was running for re-election, I put my support behind Ted Kennedy in the Democratic party. Finally it was my chance!  A Kennedy to call my very own! And I was old enough to vote (barely). I even rode my bike over to UW-Stevens Point to listen to him speak at a rally. Sadly, the main thing I remember about that day is that he was a couple of hours time. This was my first experience with politician time..which is usually a time zone or two later than the one you're in. I didn't get that tingly feeling so many people described after listening to either of Ted's older brothers. But he definitely had some cool ideas..his long list of legislative accomplishments includes the Children's Health Insurance Program, the Americans with Disabilities Act and creation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Okay, I guess I'm feeling a little tingly.

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08/26/2009 7:19AM
Where's my Kennedy?
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10/10/2009 5:06PM
Very cute :-)))),
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