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Watching TV Can Kill You

tvsetThis is  alarming. A study done by researchers in Australia says that watching TV can be harmful to your health. More specifically, it says every hour spent watching TV was associated with an 11 percent higher risk of death from all causes. By all rights, I should already be dead! When I was growing up, I hardly remember the TV ever being turned off. When I got up in the morning, there was the Today Show or Ray Rayner and cartoons. After I went to bed, it was Johnny Carson. Perhaps somewhere between midnight and 6am we gave the thing a rest, but I doubt it. I guess it's not a real surprise that having a sendentary lifestyle can be harmful to your health, but the study doesn't give any weight to the quality of life enhancing benefits of television watching. I've learned so much from the old boob tube..I'm not sure I would want to go on living if I didn't know stuff like this: --When the Mosquitoes visit Gilligan's Island, the group the ladies form is called the Honeybees, and Mrs. Howell is the lead singer. --There really was a Dialing for Dollars the one mentioned in "Mercedes Benz"  by Janis Joplin. --Dr. Johnny Fever got fired from a radio job for saying "booger" on the air. --The statues on Easter Island were put there by ancient astronauts. --Don't say "Sock it to me" unless you want some one to sock it to you. --Irish Spring is manly yes, but it's okay for me to like it too. --The ancient Chinese secret is Calgon. And that's just stuff I learned before I graduated from high school! I'm not worried about dying right now. I figure my never-ending quest for knowledge will keep me going for a while.

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01/12/2010 7:45AM
Watching TV Can Kill You
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01/13/2010 1:23PM
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