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Jonathan Suttin

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Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

This past weekend the brain trust at the adult film company Vivid Entertainment wrote a letter to Prince Harry offering him 10 million dollars to make a porno.  The company thought Harry might be interested after his well documented naked party occurred in Las Vegas. 

I have many questions.

First, how is Vivid Entertainment still in business?  It seems like most of their clientele would be able to find all they need for free on the World Wide Web.
Okay, I’ll accept there are still people stupid enough to buy porn, but let’s get back to the letter.  Where do you send a letter like that to a prince?  Do you just address the envelope “Prince Harry c/o The Royal Palace”?  Will he really ever see that letter?

And finally, they’re offering Harry 10 million dollars.

Do they think 10 million will really entice a member of the British Royal Family? 

Perhaps the gang at Vivid just wanted to be talked about for a few minutes.  If that’s the case, mission accomplished.   

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08/27/2012 7:39AM
Wait a Minute Mr. Postman
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