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Jonathan Suttin

What does Jonathan have to say?

View from the Crib

Jonathan’s newborn son, Joshua has a lot to say about the new world he’s entered.  He will be the guest blogger here until he’s old enough to drive or it’s time to breast feed.
I may be only about a week old, but I think I may know more than the two men running for President.  Tonight President Obama and Governor Romney will be debating.   They’ll discuss healthcare, the deficit as well as issues in the Middle East.  Obama has one plan and Romney has another, but I personally think they’re both wrong. 

There’s one simple way to bring America back to greatness:


It’s so easy.  Why don’t both these guys realize grandparents can solve ALL our problems?!  Both sets of grandparents came to visit me the other day and it was amazing.  I had grandmothers changing my diapers and grandfathers cradling me nonstop!

Can’t figure out how our country can get out of debt to China?  Grandparents!  One grandfather told me he would give me a nickel when I can lift my head up on my own!  A whole nickel!  That’s some serious money!

Wake up America!  Grandparents are the answer.

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10/16/2012 9:09AM
View from the Crib
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