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Gabby Parsons

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The Phish Concert that Got Away

Last summer I, of course, went to Alpine Valley to see Phish, the only band that I will go see at Alpine. It wasn’t just another concert for me, but it was my sweetie Tim’s FIRST SHOW! Of course, he has heard me play them all the time and listened to all my stories about the band. He’s a big music fan, so I knew he would love it as much as I did. I was right. So when we had an opportunity to see them again the next month at the final show of the summer tour at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, we jumped at the chance. The night before, we had been at the 40th anniversary Woodstock Concert, but were totally ready to see Phish.  I love SPAC. It’s like a smaller Alpine and my favorite venue so I was excited to share it with Tim. We left with plenty of time to get to the venue and seriously crowd watch. We get about 5 miles from SPAC to see signs that said all the parking lots were full. As we inched our way closer, I could see kids hiking towards the show. I lean out and ask someone where were they were sending us to park and he said a couple of miles away. Well, I’m not a kid anymore, it was hot, humid and looked like it was gong to pour any minute, so we decided to just skip it and sell my tickets, which were in the SECOND ROW!!!! Tim was worried we wouldn’t be able to sell them, but I said, just pull over. So we pull into this parking lot, I unroll the window and hold the tickets out. Immediately, a couple of kids run over and ask “Are they in the pavilion?” “ Dude” I said, “They’re I the second row”. He handed me a $100 bill. “ Plus $20 for handling charges?” He gave me another 20 and I swear his feet weren’t touching the ground he was so excited. I was happy to give someone an experience he never imagined, plus, if I had gotten my tickets for free  (which I usually do) I would have GIVEN them to him! So I took the kids money, went right to Best Buy and bought an Altec Lansing iPod docker, a pair of headphones and still had money left to download the show the next day. All in all, it was win win for everyone! But NOTHING is going to stop me from being at Alpine on Saturday night.

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08/12/2010 5:53AM
The Phish Concert that Got Away
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08/12/2010 11:23AM
You could help out another kid by kicking down some tickets to Sundays show
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