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Gabby Parsons

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The End of the Internet?

Think about how many devices you have that access the Internet. Every day, more and more smart phones and net books get sold. Some cars now can access the Internet and more will be added. So what does this all mean?  We're running out of addresses. No, not the ones you type in that start with www, but the actual address assigned to your device. I'm sure you've seen these string of  4 numbers with periods after them. According to the American Registry for Internet Numbers, the system can only handle 4 Billion addresses and they expect these to run out in less than a year. YIKES! But don't panic. They have researchers working on the problem . Let's just hope it's not the same people who attempted to cap the oil spew in the gulf.

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07/23/2010 9:58AM
The End of the Internet?
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07/18/2011 12:56PM
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03/20/2012 3:56PM
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