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Gabby Parsons

What does Gabby have to say?

The Caption Contest's All Wet!

Boy, Wednesday comes quickly when you're out on Monday! So here we go again with another cool photo for you to caption! The winner, as always, will receive FABULOUS prizes personally selected by me and Miss Kitty. Please give me your best caption to this photo. The deadline is Friday at 4 PM, have fun, be creative, and, as always ( which you do!) play nice.

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01/26/2011 6:38AM
The Caption Contest's All Wet!
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01/26/2011 6:46AM
Ari John Whtie Wolf
these are my only friends
01/26/2011 6:48AM
From the files of the BBC, we find one of many failed concepts for a new alien race on Doctor Who.
01/26/2011 6:53AM
Erik Kjelland
Maxwell should of read the fine print. He thought he was entering a contest to win hIs very own, private, underwater Phish concert!
01/26/2011 6:59AM
"His mortgage isn't the only thing under water."
01/26/2011 7:12AM
as a practical joke, the friends of the boy in the bubble filled his enclosure with water while he slept..
01/26/2011 7:49AM
greg warner
Never sneeze when standing close to the fish tanks at Wal-Mart.....
01/26/2011 7:57AM
I have a sinking feeling that I am NOT going to win this hold-your-breath contest ...
01/27/2011 9:49AM
John Klaus
VSWM seeks unconventional relationship. Must love fish.
01/27/2011 3:02PM
You think this is weird, you should see my brother and his ant farm!
01/26/2011 8:16AM
greg warner
"Mark Mothersbaugh models one of the costumes for DEVO's new tour...."
01/26/2011 8:16AM
Dawn Kleinfeldt
Jimmy had always wanted to be a deep sea diver but his fear always held him back until now! WHAMMY presents: The Deep Sea Divers on the Go Kit! You can get the feeling of being underwater while you work! Little does Jimmy know this is an Epic failure : /
01/26/2011 8:33AM
Someone told Mikey he should "sleep with the fishes". Nobody told him what to do when he woke up.
01/26/2011 9:41AM
Forget about Bartholomew! Hasn't anybody considered just how unnerving this entire experience was for the goldfish?
01/26/2011 9:49AM
Philip Parmley
"Call me Fish-male..."
01/26/2011 9:51AM
The Shedd Aquarium's new interactive aquarium experience was a big hit until, following the NFC Championship, a disgruntled employee decided to make piranha part of the experience for one of their neighbors visiting from the north.
01/26/2011 11:00AM
Jan Summerton
Due to governmental cutbacks, several agencies had to merge together. Meet the dept. of DNR/Clean air/clean water/freedom of speech/peta/healthcare.
01/26/2011 12:21PM
Does this bowl make my head look big?
01/26/2011 2:04PM
Free Willy 4 went direct-to-video.
01/26/2011 3:08PM
Brian P
ahllo, I am Jacques Cousteau.
01/26/2011 3:09PM
Brian P
Going to visit Sponge Bob on Bikini Bottom just became easier
01/26/2011 3:10PM
Brian P
Duuuude, check out my gnarly new bong!
01/26/2011 4:20PM
Todd B
Eco-friendly or not, I am not drinking out of the new water cooler.
01/26/2011 4:22PM
Todd B
I think one of the goldfish just farted.
01/26/2011 4:47PM
Yes, they are African goldfish. Why do you ask?
01/27/2011 7:00AM
Art Paul Schlosser
They called him Fishboy from Planet Neptune
01/27/2011 7:54AM
the cover straddledaddy should've used for 'surveys from a fishbowl'
01/27/2011 8:01AM
Paul H. Henning
NASA's budget cutbacks resulted in some rather unfortunate lapses in judgment concerning safety issues.
01/27/2011 8:19AM
denise sime
How am I going to Fish myself out of this one!
01/27/2011 8:20AM
denise sime
How am I going to Fish myself out of this one?
01/27/2011 9:37AM
Carol Harm
Whoa...That was the best Pfish concert ever, Dude!
01/27/2011 2:11PM
steve bruns
jacque cousteau's other brother kooky cousteau try's to follow in his brothers footsteps, but just doesn't quite get the hang of the scuba thing....
01/27/2011 2:14PM
steve bruns
Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads.
01/27/2011 2:17PM
steve bruns
The intense pressure at this depth gave me a black eye, I have to get to the surface slowly to avoid the bends.
01/27/2011 2:18PM
steve bruns
Oh crap!!! I gotta sneeze!
01/27/2011 2:21PM
steve bruns
Hey Doc, I really feel all stuffed up, can't breathe and my sinuses are just pounding!
01/27/2011 2:26PM
steve bruns
I heard the humidity in Florida was terrible, but this is ridiculous!
01/27/2011 2:28PM
steve bruns
It's "opposite" day at the scuba factory.
01/28/2011 9:42AM
Yes, I DO feel like I'm living in a fishbowl!
01/28/2011 10:00AM
Todd AKA Mr. Charisma
Tom Cruise in his next role as "The Dwarf with a Bloody Fish Bowl Over His Bloody Head!"
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