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Gabby Parsons

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Studio M's part 2

AS the year and decade draw to a close, I continue my tale of some of my favorite experiences in Studio M. Probably the best time I had ( next to Trey, of course) was when Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks came in to Studio M.  I have been a fan of this clever man and his swinging sound since his early albums, so I was way excited to meet him. He arrives, a tall man, over 6 feet , and I look up at him from my 5 foot frame and tell him I was SO excited to meet him. His response?" You'll get over it".  It continued from there. I ask my first question, and he says to the audience, " What Gabby was trying to say is...." You get the picture. He was a total hoot and a half and I guess I gave it back as much as he dished it because when the interview was over, he reached over with a HUGE grin on his face and thanked me. I have been a fan of Warren Haynes since I saw him play with the Allman Brothers, and then later with the Dead. I was very pleased he agreed to come in for the Studio M, and we had a very nice chat about music in general and what it is about the electric guitar that moves people so. ( His mimics the human voice!) Before we started I asked him if he was going to sing my all-time favorite song of his " Soul Shine". He said he needed to change the tuning for the song. I suggested he do it last and we'd stop recording just before so he could re-tune. Well, let me tell you, I was so moved by the song, I almost started crying right then and there. We end this look with a Studio M I did with a band from New Jersey, De Sol. When I first heard their song Karma, I LOVED it. I met them at an industry function later than year and hit it off with the whole band! We've stayed in touch over the years, and they made a special trip to Madison to do the interview with me. Here's a clip from the session: Gabby hearts Albie from DeSol R&R 2005 028

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12/22/2009 2:39PM
Studio M's part 2
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01/13/2010 3:52AM
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