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Posts from December 2013

New Year's Inspiration ~Stevi
I found this story this morning, and it broke my heart, but also inspired me. Not with weight, but obtaining goals because there are people who's lives rely on it. Such a beautiful story.

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During Winter, what can't you live without? ~Stevi
During the cold months in the Midwest, there are a few amenities I just can't live without. They go as follows:
  • Lip balm
  • Ice Scraper
  • Hot water for tea
  • Hot Toddys
  • Hand made, double layered mittens
What about you; what are the things you could not go on without during winter?

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A Compliment A Day Keeps the Blues Away -Stevi
Just read an article about complimenting people more frequently throughout the day.

What an amazing concept! Do you feel underappreciated some days? Wouldn't it feel great to receive a compliment from a complete stranger, or even to give a compliment to a stranger?

Studies show the more you smile naturally, the more it lifts the muscles in the face and slows down the rate at which we age, so go out and compliment someone today.

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Easy, Last Minute Gift Ideas! ~Stevi
No time for last minute gifts? Here are some presents you can make with stuff you find around the house! ~Stevi

Clickhere for article!
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A Story That May Change Christmas Forever
I came across this story while patrolling Facebook this morning. The fact that someone could be so selfless, so giving, and so loving during one of the most painful parts of their lives is mindblowing. We can change one another's lives every day.

Click here for article
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Best gift ever - stopping those annoying Facebook game requests! (A How-To)

Best way to stop getting game requests (I've been doing this for a couple years, and I hardly get any anymore).

1. Click on Games in the left column of your Facebook newsfeed.
2. Select 'Requests' in the right hand column of the screen (should show a number in red of how many requests you have).
3. Game requests should list individually in their own boxes with an 'X' in the upper right hand corner of each. Click on it.
4. After doing so, hover over the option to black all whatever game requests it was. 'Ok', 'Close'.
5. If you get a lot of game requests from a certain person, also click to 'Block all game requests from [certain person]. 'Ok', 'Close'.

Now, you don't have to let the person know you are annoyed with them, and they can play to their heart's content without feeling like they are inconveniencing anyone. Happy Holidays!
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Tips to get your immune system through winter -Stevi
I'm guilty of not cleaning my workstation enough, or drinking enough water in the day, but we all need to to keep our immune systems on the up-and-up through winter.

Here are a few great tips to do so: ~Stevi
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A Triple M Playlist For the Case Of The Mondays Guaranteed to Produce a Smile
Mondays kill me: I've slept in the last two days, so I'm always a bit groggy, and the cold DEFINITELY doesn't help. So, I concocted a playlist that I play every Monday morning to shake out the eye crusties and get me ready for the day.
1. The 1975 - Chocolate
2. Bastille - Pompeii
3. Alex Clare - Too Close
4. Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
5. Avicii - Wake Me Up


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How Would You Sell Your Job To a Noob?
This is Aaron. He was cool enough to request to sit in with different departments at the station to find out what radio is really about. This was done for a careers class at the local high school. His visit really got me thinking: what would you say to a wide eyed pre college student to 'sell' your job?

It seems as though so often, the mundaneness of the ol' 9 to 5 takes over and the zest of challenges, daily potential creativity and overall job positivity gets lost. Does your job give you anything else besides financial stability? How would your life be different if it did? What to say to the younger generation about the best parts of your job, that have become overshadowed by responsibility, workplace politics and the sinking feeling you get from time to time while going to/leaving work?

I feel as though 'work' should stimulate many aspects of one's personality that makes them a better person when they leave the office. I think we should have a check list of things required to be happy in the workforce. Something like:
  • My job enhances other aspects of my life
  • I am able to be creative and positive every day
  • I work hard every day, not because I have to, but because I require it of myself
  • I do something every day that makes me proud of myself
  • I do something every day that I could brag to others about
  • I go in to work knowing it may not be the best day, but it definitely won't be the worst
  • I will create something today that I can talk with my family about
  • My job makes me a better person
  • Perhaps everything can't be perfect, but overall, my job makes me smile
Corny to a point? Yes. However, you deserve to be happy. If most of these things are unheard of in your career's vocabulary, what can you do to change it? What would you do if a kid showed up at your desk, excited to do your job someday? What would you be able to tell him to make a positive difference in his career before it had already begun?

(Thanks for your time, Aaron. I had a blast talking music with you today!)


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Treating Everyone Better - And Not Just Because Baby Jesus Wants Us To
Brushing up on my news this morning, I came across an article (listed below) that featured a France-based cafe taking steps to eliminate rudeness in their business. The article only highlighted this for one side of the counter, but I am a firm believer that pleasantness should come from both sides to ensure a great experience for all.

I come from a background of customer service - it's hard to go through an entire career and not have at least a small stint at a restaurant or likeness under your belt - and I found that many 'rules' in customer service are NOT accurate. Say for instance: the customer is always right; how ridiculous does that sound? It would be like an aquaintence of a friend joining them in your house for a chat, then that person demanding outrageous things from you. Sure, you want them to be happy, because they are an aquaintence of a friend, but you would still feel uncomfortable for someone to treat you that way; it's the same thing in any customer service-based job. Yes, patrons of a business allow the employees to get paid, but no one should have to put up with rude people - on any end.

The Holidays are notorious for this behavior. The way I handle it is to kill everyone I meet in a service-type industry with kindness (an old cheerleader trick I learned in High School). It's very hard to get defensive with anyone who initiates any conversation with a pleasant tone. I also smile and make eye contact; this was taught to me in a workplace communication class that works for any interaction with a person (goes back to that old 'actions speak louder than words' additive. Finally, it is always better to ask to speak with someone different if an interaction goes South. There is just no getting through to some people, no matter how nice you come across, and if you're a customer, asking to speak with someone else in a calm and pleasant (not sarcastic) tone is not unheard of. Even if you're an employee dealing with an unrulely customer, making up an excuse to take a break from the situation or going to a superior is not unheard of.

Bottom line: it doesn't matter who has the money or who is taking the money; if we're all nicer to eachother, it will make for a better day for everyone.

(Click here for the above mentioned article)
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I would love for this to make a comeback!
Such a classy period for women. I could definitely use a break from all the skin.

10 Vintage Styles That Need to Come Back
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Curt Cobain had a soft side for flying animals
Kurt Cobain with his flying cat (via Twitter - @history_pics)

Follow me on Twitter! @SteviTripleM or @1055TripleM

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A Stunning Look at Photoshopless photography
A masterful look at photography. Some of these sets took MONTHS to build, for a single shot. A good lesson on patience, and an end result being worth the wait.
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Madison has gone beer-crazy!
You could call it Madison Craft Beer Week, part two! The week leading up to the Great Taste of the Midwest Beer Festival August 9th is chock full of tasty beer offerings all over southern Wisconsin, with plenty of tap takeovers, beer pairings, and...
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World's Worst iPod: Hall & Oates "Method of Modern Love"
Hall & Oates had a lot of great hits in the 1970s and 1980s, and if you believe a lot of folks, this is NOT one of them! This song with its amazing spelling lesson hook made it all the way to #5 on the charts in February of 1985. We're a...
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Will this be Clapton's last record?
Eric Clapton definitely has retirement in mind. He hinted to Rolling Stone recently that he may quit touring and recording, and only play for family and friends. We can look forward to at least one more new Clapton record before he hangs up his Strat...
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World's Worst iPod: Olivia Newton John "Please Mr. Please"
Olivia Newton-John was all over the radio in the 1970s, with hits that included "Have You Never Been Mellow," "If You Love Me (Let Me Know)" and of course those songs from the movie "Grease."  But not a lot of people...
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Mayflies: faschinating, or horrifying? You decide.
The mayflies were out in full force over the past couple days. Now I've heard about these insects over the years, but have never experienced a mayfly swarm.  I think I'm pretty happy about that. Apparently the mayflies were so thick they...
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Free downloads: The Bayonets
If you were listening to Triple M on the morning of Thursday July 17th, you may have thought somehow we slipped back to 1965. But it wasn't an old song we were playing--it was a brand new one from the Los Angeles band the Bayonets, called...
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RIP Johnny Winter--that guy sure could play
"For me, blues is a necessity." That's a quote from blues guitar great Johnny Winter, who died on Wednesday in Zurich, Switzerland. He came to prominence in the late 1960's after he was featured in a story in Rolling Stone magazine,...
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World's Worst iPod: Information Society "What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)"
There's something about the allure of Star Trek that made this song by Information Society extra special. It went all the way to #9 on the charts in 1988 for the band based in St. Paul, Minnesota. According to wikipedia, the band got the...
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