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Gabby Parsons

What does Gabby have to say?

Some tasty winners

Happy Labor Day Weekend caption fans. We leave you to your long weekend with some smiles, courtesy of your friends who play along. We start with this week's honorable mentions, beginning with: Kurt  Flicka bowed his in prayer to give thanks that his future no longer included the possibility of being in a Happy Meal Next up is Jan because this line is almost always funny!   I shoulda took a left at Albuquerque. Adam made me smile with this one:  Looks closed.  Where's the nearest White Castle? So did Tony:  "Awwww, man! This was supposed to be McRib month, too!" Don't you hate when that happens? I had a hard time choosing between the last two, but Paul recently won.. however, I LOVED this one:  “I TOLD the advance scouting party not to stop off for a Happy Meal at the Golden Arches, but would they listen to me? No!” And finally...trumpet fanfare please.. the winner of the All American prize package is Philip because he really looked carefully at the photo:                             "Alas, poor Carrot-top...and Telly Savalas...and Francis, the Talking Mule...oh, and the Three Stooges. Thankfully, I knew none of them."

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09/02/2011 11:31AM
Some tasty winners
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09/05/2011 3:22AM
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