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Kitty Dunn

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Say Shazbat, feel better

A new study suggests that if you hurt yourself, you'll feel less pain if you swear a blue streak. Here's the kicker..the study done at Keele University in the UK says this pain- killing method works best if you aren't a potty mouth on a regular basis. Here's how they did the study--volunteers were told to plunge their arm into icy water..and the ones that were told to swear were able to keep their arm submerged longer than those were told to say a more innocuous word. And the volunteers who didn't regularly swear were able to keep their arm in the longest. While this story is interesting to me on its own, it also brings up the first time I ever swore. I don't think I actually remember this happening, but my mom liked to tell the story. I had a lower drawer in the kitchen where I kept a variety of small toys..mostly prizes from cereal boxes. One day I accidentally slammed my finger in the drawer and shouted.. not one bad word but a string of them. "G.D...son of a bitch!" My mom's reaction? She laughed hysterically and said "at least you used it in proper context." And now I know that since I wasn't a regular least back pain probably went away instantly!

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04/19/2011 6:47AM
Say Shazbat, feel better
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