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Kitty Dunn

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Obama and "W" head to Africa; what you might overhear on Air Force One

Former President George W. Bush has accepted President Obama's invitation to ride aboard Air Force One to Nelson Mandela's memorial service on Tuesday.

That got me to thinking. Will the two do any talking during the flight? According to, it's a 15 hour flight between Washingon D.C. and South Africa. Even if you cut that down a bit due to the fact that Air Force One probably has its own set of rules, that's still more than a dozen hours on an airplane. That's a lot of dead air to fill!

They probably don't want to talk about policy, international affairs or national security, so I've come up with a list of topics that should be safe.

Watercolor Painting
Those pesky Secret Service agents
The great nachos they whip up in the White House kitchen
Miley Cyrus
The 22nd amendment
Is Ron Burgundy overexposed?
Origami and or/decoupage
Ginger or Mary Ann?

If there's a real lull in the conversation, maybe they could break the presidential seal on a deck of cards and play a game of "War." I'm pretty sure they both know the rules.


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12/09/2013 10:55AM
Obama and "W" head to Africa; what you might overhear on Air Force One
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