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New food of the week: Kale

Last week, I decided I would try one new, healthy food a week, and asked my facebook friends to make some suggestions. 

The first thing I tried was mango. I'm sure I've had other mango flavored things, and mango as part of something else, but it was the first time I bought the actual fruit and ate it. It was tasty and sweet, but a bit messy and hard to deal with. And now my sister tells me that a lot of people are allergic to the skin of mangoes, which are a relative of the poison ivy family.

So this week I tried kale. I looked through a bunch of recipes and found nothing that sounding particularly I made something up. I removed the stems, then ripped up the kale leaves and stir fried them with onion, garlic powder and olive oil. That didn't take long! When they were wilted, I added in some red wine vinegar, and finally topped them with some Trader Joe's peanut satay sauce and a few peanuts.

It was delicious!  It was chewier than expected..because that's okay. That way it seemed heartier than other greens like spinach.  I know I still used something pre-processed (the Trader Joe's sauce), but still a healthy choice.

What food should I try next week?

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05/16/2013 11:29AM
New food of the week: Kale
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