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New Year's Resolutions - Do They Work? ~Stevi

A lot of talk about New Year's resolutions nowadays, and I wonder: do they ever work? Some people have really good ones, like 'eat better', work on more home projects', 'learn a new skill', or even 'learn a language'.

Perhaps I'm lazy, but these seem really hard to follow through on. I really haven't picked a solid resolution yet (other than eat well, feel well), but I feel as though a good resolution that is easy to finish in a year is something(s) that we do every day, we just need to do more of. Example: 'smile one more time every day', 'pay one person a compliment a day', 'pay myself a compliment a day', or 'do something silly or goofy once a day'. These things seem more plausable, and not only that, most benefit others and not only yourself. So perhaps this year, you'll smile more, make someone feel better about themselves, or skip up the driveway every day. 2014 is a fresh, blank canvas, paint something that will last.


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01/02/2014 12:03PM
New Year's Resolutions - Do They Work? ~Stevi
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