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MLB player being chastised for what? ~Stevi

Recently, Mets' second baseman Daniel Murphy came under fire for something that most people wouldn't bat (pun intended) an eye at: taking time off for the birth of his child.

Why is this a thing? That's my question as well. New York radio host Mike Francesca took 20 minutes out of his show to rake Murphy through the coals about his decision to take 3 days off to fly to Florida to be with his wife for the birth of his child. Apparently, paternity leave doesn't exist in baseball. So, does he think planning children's births, and other milestones should be planned around baseball games? 

This guy either doesn't have kids, or is a very lonely, heartless man, or am I the weird one? Comment with your thoughts below!

Full article here


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04/03/2014 10:40AM
MLB player being chastised for what? ~Stevi
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04/04/2014 11:36AM
Agreed. Dude is a moron with no perspective. Probably just saying it for effect and to fill time on his worthless show.
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