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Gabby Parsons

What does Gabby have to say?

Playing like a Rock Star

Wow! Ladies Rock Camp was the MOST FUN I have had in years. Imagine 3 days where you meet new people, form a band, learn to play your  instrument ( mine was the bass), write an original song and perform in front of an audience.

My bandmates ( I love saying that) , Elizabeth, Toni and Gail and I clicked right away, and our song came together very quickly. of course, we wrote a snarky one.

This is how the weekend went. We met Friday morning, had a class on song writing, then instrument instruction, then we went into our band room to work on the song.  The afternoon flew by and by 5 PM I was so exhausted, I could barely drive home. My fingers hurt  and my brain was swimming with new information.

Day 2, more songwriting, a little more instrument instruction, then we started playing our song. Our band Push worked so well together. We each contributed to the song and we all loved playing  and singing it. I even  sang a few lines, and I haven't sung on stage since 6th grade!
Wasn't quite as exhausted Saturday, but my fingers still hurt a little.

All of a sudden it was Sunday! YIKES! Band practice all morning, band practice in the afternoon. We were ready. I didn't even need to look at my " cheat sheet" of the chord changes anymore.

All five bands looked like rock stars and we were ready to take the stage at the Brink. I wanted my band to go on early, but we were 4th out of 5. We were so nervous, but took the stage with confidence, belted out our snarky song and before I knew it, it was over.

If you love music, then this is an experience all women should have. The musical director Beth Kiille has the most amazing staff of women instructors and band coaches that made the entire weekend fun and easy.  We were all shapes and ages, yet, for one too quick weekend, we WERE rockers.

I totally want to do this again. THANK YOU SO MUCH Ladies Rock Camp.

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04/22/2013 1:14PM
Playing like a Rock Star
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04/24/2013 8:56PM
Way to go Gabby, from one bass player to another!
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