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Jonathan Suttin

What does Jonathan have to say?

Is It Halloween Yet?

I'm pretty excited for Halloween this year because Lindsay and I now live in a home which means we'll actually get trick or treaters coming to the door.  For all the years I lived in an apartment, I would buy candy in hopes of  some kids coming to the door in costume.  Alas, I always ended up with bags and bags of fun sized candy which I would then eat well into the new year. When I lived in Houston, Texas I decided not to buy candy one year and that was the only year a kid came to my door.  I remember it clearly.  He was dressed as Batman and his mom looked on as he opened his bag and said in the cutest voice imaginable, "twick or tweet."  I ran to my cabinet, but all I could find was tea, some sugar packets and croutons.   Of course, I didn't give him the croutons.  I was sure to pour some sugar on it first! So this year, I'll be ready with lots of good candy for the kids.  There is one candy I will avoid handing out this year.   Which one?  Lewis Black explains it best...

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10/13/2010 10:39AM
Is It Halloween Yet?
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