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Kitty Dunn

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I got snow in my purse!

I know that a lot of people are reporting wild adventures and close calls following the Snowmageddon we just went through over the past couple of days. But I thought I would share my harrowing tale anyway. Mike has a Jeep and in the past has had no trouble making it through anything the Abominable Snowman could throw at us. But this time it wasn't easy for him to get across the Great Wall of China that plow crews left at the bottom of our driveway. Finally he was successful and we were on our way. The two miles to the radio station were spent in silence, as we worried if would ever make it to our destination on Ganser Way. I must admit, thoughts of the Donner party came to mind. When we got to Mineral Point Road, things were looking up, but the turn at D'Onofrio had not seen a plow. "No worries," I said to Mike, as I jumped out of the Jeep to walk the marathon distance of a block and a half to the station. I managed to walk in the tire trails of some other brave soul, and thought I would soon arrive at the station. Then my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw a barrier much higher than the Great Wall in our driveway. The snow was too soft to walk on, so I had no choice but to roll over the mountain onto the area that had been plowed by the crew digging out our parking lot. Though my fall wasn't graceful, it was successful. I was covered head to toe in snow, and for the most part unscathed, except for the SNOW IN MY PURSE. I'll give you a moment to contemplate the gravity of this situation. Okay, now my story resumes. Though disheartened, I managed to make my way through the parking lot and up the snowy steps  into the station to begin another broadcast day. And then I lost my voice. Sometimes life just isn't fair.

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02/03/2011 12:28PM
I got snow in my purse!
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