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Kitty Dunn

What does Kitty have to say?


Songs for Tax Day

So I learned today that if you're getting a refund, there's no penalty for not getting your taxes in by today's deadline. But why would you want the government to keep your money any longer than they already do?

With that question in mind (and a few others) I present my Tax Day 2014 Playlist.

!. Sunny Afternoon by the Kinks (This is a very cute video).

2. 1040 Blues by Robert Cray with the clever line "I hate taxes"

3. Taxman by the Beatles. (Just to mix things up here's Stevie Ray's version!)

4. After Taxes by Johnny Cash. Everything you can't buy because taxes are so high.

5. What if We All Stopped Paying Taxes by Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. I'm pretty sure I don't advocate this extreme option, but it's a pretty good song!

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Blood Moon: reason to stay up late, or end of the world?

There's a preacher in Texas who's a little freaked out about tonight's lunar eclipse, and the three that follow every six months over the next two years.

He thinks it's a signal of the end of the world!, and has even written a book about is theory.

I think it's just a good reason to stay up late (or get up early). Starting at 12:20 tomorrow morning, this astronomical phenomenon will begin.

Here's your new big word for today--"tetrad." That refers to the four "blood moon" eclipses that we can look forward to between now and September of 2015.

Now I don't really go for end of the world prophecies, because if I did, what would prevent me from having a chocolate milk shake every day with lunch?

Meanwhile, I was watching a special on PBS the other night featuring Jason Isbell of the Drive By Truckers. He says when he dies, he doesn't want it to be in a Super 8 Motel. That's also a bad place to be if it's the end of the world. On the other hand, you wouldn't have to worry about being late for check-out time, would you?

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Kitty's blog: what coming back from vacation feels like

I just returned from a wonderful vacation visiting family in the state of Oregon. We had some 80 degree days, I got to smell a little sea air, eat some great food, and try some outstanding beer.

All the same, it's great to be back in Madison. But I must admit, I'm feeling a little foggy.

Kind of like looking at the world through the bottom of a milk shake glass. In other words, I feel kinda like this little hedgehog.

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Kitty's 1000th blog

Wow! What a milestone! I am pleased to announce that this the 1000th blog I've written for Triple M.

Some have been poignant, others downright silly. And I'm pretty sure a few of them made no sense at all.

Kitty's Blog By The Numbers

352:  Blogs about growing up in Stevens Point.

328:   Music-related blogs. Some of them may or may not have involved the Beatles.

117: Blogs about various holidays, including complaints about how pre-scooped pumpkins are not a thing.

95:   Recipes and other gastronomical topics. And no, all of them were not about beer.

52:   Complaints about the weather. Surprisingly all of them were not from this winter.

28:  Videos of cute babies and kittens.

19:  Political posts (mostly making fun of politicians)

8: Posts about Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and/or Miley Cyrus

1: Blog about blogging. (Which by the way includes my very first "selfie!")

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The uglier side of spring

The poet ee cummings has a couple great quotes about spring. One is that in the spring, "the world is mud-lucious and puddle-wonderful."

The other is "the earth laughs in flowers."

I've come up with another one along those lines. "The earth yells in giant parking lot snow turds."
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Playlist for the first day of spring

Hurray! Spring is finally here!

Okay, we still have large clumps of black oily snow everywhere, but at least the calendar says it's spring. And that means warmer days are right around the corner. (We hope).

Here are some songs to put a spring in your step.


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Kitty's 5 Shocking St. Patrick's Day facts

You probably already knew that St. Patrick wasn't Irish (he was born in Wales), and that he never drove the snakes out of Ireland.

But did you know these amazing (and somewhat troubling) facts?

1. Corned beef and cabbage is an American invention

2. An Irish seven-course meal is a 6-pack of beer and a potato. (At least that's what I've heard.)

3. The chance that you will ever find a 4-leaf clover is one in 10,000. I found several as a kid, so that may mean my luck has run out.

4. Much of the Guiness we drink in the United States comes from Canada. What? That appears to be true.

5. The Irish Rovers, while they do rove, are not Irish. They are from California. (But they do have that Irish gleam in their eyes).

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Jonathan & Kitty by the numbers

This Saturday, March 15th, will mark the 15th anniversary of Jonathan and me trying desperately to wake up Madison on 105.5 Triple M.

We'll celebrate Friday on our show, with some highlights from over the years. And by highlights, we mean moments that have been slightly less awkward than others.

I've been doing some calculating, tallying up some of the things that we've accomplished since that auspicious day in 1999.


47- Fights that almost resulted in fisticuffs

3012- Dream CD's played at 9am.

1-Triple M Baby born

364- Flower Power lunches delivered

1,033-  White Sox references

1,657-Rampaging animal stories

952- Stuff spilled on the highway stories

55,312-cold showers needed after Brian Olson's Sexy Slow Jams

1,139- Simpsons references

3,752- naked dances with the Gomers

354- waking up Madison with Bongo Bong

3-times we may have accidentally sworn on the air (don't tell anyone)

7,952- concert tickets given away via great games like "Cheese or Font"

852- Triple M Traffic Reporters appointed

0- broadcasting awards received

Millions and millions- times we should be thanking you for putting up with us all these years.  Thank you!  (There's one).
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5 Signs You're Ready to Kick Winter to the Curb

Oh, spring, you dirty little flirt.  You gave us a taste of your sunshine and warmth yesterday, but now you are gone, faster than doughnuts in the breakroom of a radio station.
Are you as ready for spring as I am? Take my little test and see.


1. You hate all your sweaters. And they hate you back.

2. Comfort food no longer gives you comfort. Mac & cheese and chili are so February.

3. You're out of Tom and Jerry mix.

4. You're pretty sure you just saw the image of Jesus in the piles of snow along your driveway. (Or maybe it was Justin Bieber).

5. You're considering taking your relationship with your snow shovel to the next level.

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Can a song called "Happy" get even happier? I say yes.

I am addicted to Pharrell Williams' song "Happy," and I didn't think I could like it any more than I already did.

Until I saw this video.  Yeah, it's pretty shallow humor, but it put a smile on my face!  Andthat's not something that's always easy to do on a Monday.

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