Amber Star

#1 most asked question by fans is... "Is that your real hair?" Yep... genetics are a heck of a thing! The Great Clips bills are a pain, though. Three songs that sound great together... Scars on 45 - Crazy For You, Rolling Stones - Beast of the Burden, and Dawes - Things Happen At the bar; beer,... Read More

Jesse Garon

#1 question most asked by fans: Wait...I have fans? Are you Jonathan Suttin? or What happened? Three songs that sound great together: Well, when I DJ...I've learned that if you play the "Chicken Dance," "Hokey Pokey," and "Beer Barrel Polka" at a wedding in Wisconsin, almost everybody gets up to... Read More

Jonathan Suttin

I was told by the station's webmaster to write two sentences about my life. Uh oh, I think I've wasted my two sentences. #1 question most asked by fans... You're the last person in line, right? Three songs that sound great together... Actually, I like playing them one at a time. At the bar; beer,... Read More

Kitty Dunn

Although she swears she is not a morning person, Kitty has been helping you wake up for nearly two decades on 105.5 Triple M. Putting to good use everything she learned in journalism classes at UW-Stevens Point, Kitty likes to delve into the important issues, like stuff spilled on the highway and... Read More

Lindsay Everly

#1 most asked question by fans is … What times are you normally on? Whoa! How do you do it? You must have to drink a lot of coffee to stay up all night. Three songs that sound great together ... Eleanor, Put Your Boots On – Franz Ferdinand, Fairies Wears Boots – Black Sabbath, and These Boots Are... Read More

Marshall Pierce

#1 most asked question by fans is …. I don’t know. I don’t have any fans! ;) Three songs that sound great together. .. The Beatles….Here Comes The Sun; Elton John, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on me; Sundown, Gordon Lightfoot. At the bar : beer, wine or mixer?... All of the above! Favorite restaurant... Read More

Nathan Graham

Nathan got his start doing radio in college where he co-hosted a late night slow jams show. From there, he was hired on to be the overnight guy in Kansas City. He did that for about a couple years, then moved to Springfield, MO for his first full-time night gig. Read More