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Kitty Dunn

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Girls Rock!

The High Noon Saloon was rocking Sunday afternoon..with some amazing talent that was very new to the music scene. It was the showcase for Girls Rock Camp...with seven bands made up of girls aged 8 to 18 playing original songs. Some of these girls had never picked up an instrument before camp started last Monday..but with the help of instructors and volunteers from Girls Rock Camp, they got to be rock stars! I'm jealous that there was nothing like this around when I was a kid...but knowing me I probably would have just freaked out and cried when I got on stage.  But there was none of that yesterday. The girls were confident, enthusiastic, and definitely showed musical promise. The bands had great names too--including Hammer, Pink and Orange, Sugar Rush, Bitter Rose, and Express Yourself. The girls even had stylists to help bring out their inner rock star! The coordinators say they'll be putting on a Ladies Rock Camp in October. Sounds like an interesting idea. I may just sign up to play guitar  if it's agreed I don't have to play an F chord. That hurts my fingers.

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06/21/2010 6:36AM
Girls Rock!
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06/27/2010 1:15PM
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06/21/2010 6:42AM
Ah! I think I saw you there Kitty- watching the girls. My daughter was the one in the pink dress you have posted (last picture, can't see her face). It was truly a great time for her and she made all these new friends. I actually called your radio station on Friday- it was my daugter's bday and you all wished her a happy one- and I am pretty sure that made her day! Thanks!!!!
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