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Posts from July 2012

Find your WINNERS here!
Hello again humor lovers. Once again, our captioners were up to the task, so here are this week’s winners, starting with the honorable mentions, starting with 2 on the same theme.
Tina Ottman
Girl in front: "Maybe this Renaissance Fairy thing is not what I thought..."  

Gary Charles
Someone was a little confused on the time frame for the Renaissance Fair

I can relate to THIS one!

Connie Showalter
Mooooommmm....Daaaaaddd...Come on. My friends are coming over to play dress up with ME.
This one cracked me up with it’s simplicity.
Oh, it's gonna be that kind of a party, eh?

Of course, the Star Wars fans checked in.
Tammy A
Loving this quantum wormhole. I'll take a siesta under this thin pink shade and be back before they finish the new Death Star.

And our WINNER this week, who needs to contact me to get her prizes is….
Lori O
These are the BEST babysitters EVER!

The caption contest is taking a short break, so I can go to Colorado to get married. Look for a new photo the week of August 13.
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The Caption Contest Chills Out
OK, I know what you want and I'm the girl to give it to you. Please give me your best caption to THIS photo. Remember to put your name in the subject line to be eligible to win PRIZES!!!

Deadline is Friday at 4 PM.

 Have fun, be creative and , as always, play nice!
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Topics: Sports

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Coasting with WINNERS
Wheeee. Your captions are making me dizzy! Here are this week’s winners, starting with honorable mentions:

Two with a similar theme!          
Coco Jo
You think your commute to work is bad???!!?

Stephen Lee Rich
Maybe next time I'll just take the bus

Kraig goes topical!
The Netherlands put a new twist in the training program for their National Speed skating Team.

Two went local!
John C.
Little Amerricka has a great roller coaster, but if you want to sit in a car you must upgrade to the Gold Wristband

Jan S
Madison's Mad Rollin' Dolls try to give a new twist for this roller derby season.

And this week’s WINNER of 2 passes to People Fest is….

Pat K.
What could possibly go wrong?

Have a great weekend everyone.
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People: Lee Rich MaybeStephen Lee Rich

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The Caption Contest Coasts
Was that your lawn I heard this morning breathing a small sigh of relief?  Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. Meanwhile, as we wait for MORE rain, which probably won't come, we always have the Caption Contest!

Please give me your best caption to this photo. REMEMBER TO USE YOUR NAME IN THE SUBJECT LINE TO GET CREDIT AND WIN A PRIZE OR THREE. Your deadline is Friday at 4 PM.

Have fun, be creative and, as always, play nice.
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Topics: Weather

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I Bearly had Time to Choose WINNERS!
This  week’s photo was a challenging one, so kudos to the clever folks who  played this week. We start, as usual with the honorable mentions:  
The pandas walked around dazed and confused when they discovered that they had been bamboozled.

I always love a play on words.                                      
John C.
My new camera has pandaramic view.
Todd knows what panda’s eat!
Todd B
I'm pretty sure that cannabis we were smoking had some eucalyptus in it.

A perfect response!
The Disney movie opening in London created quite a stir when all of the starlets showed up wearing the same attire

But this week’s winner, because of his persistence and excellent caption is….
G.V. Parmelli
In a world where one panda is virtually indistinguishable from the next, one panda stands head and shoulders above the rest...He's not here at the moment, but if he was, you couldn't help but notice him. Oh, yes, you'd notice him!

Watch for a new photo on Wednesday!
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Locations: London

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It's Pandamonium in the Caption Contest!
It's Caption Wednesday again.Boy, It seems like these come around at least once a week. : )
Please give me your best caption to this photo. I will have cool prizes for the winner, WHO MUST CONTACT ME after the winners are announced. PLEASE USE YOUR NAME IN THE SUBJECT LINE, TO GET CREDIT AND WIN.

The deadline is FRIDAY at 4 PM.

Have fun, be creative and, as always, play nice!
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Topics: Entertainment_CultureSports

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