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Gabby Parsons

What does Gabby have to say?

Gabby Hearts Trey in Studio M

I've been working full time at Triple M since Sept. 2002, and in that time have met and interviewed a lot of rock and rollers, some famous, many up and coming.  But one of my most anticipated (by me) was interviewing Trey Anastasio shortly after his first solo album was released. I had not done that many Studio M interviews at that time and was totally excited and nervous to meet and talk with him. I knew Trey was a big Frank Zappa fan, so when he met me, held out his hand and said, " Hi, I'm Trey. Thanks for having me". I responded with: " This is a thrill for me only second to the time I made Frank Zappa laugh." I knew that would get his attention and I was right. The start to the interview was delayed about 15 minutes, waiting for a client to show up for the Studio M, giving  Trey and me time to chat a bit. Of course he wanted to know all about my Zappa  encounter. When I told him that I had seen Zappa about 10 times, he was actually jealous and said so. It made me stop and think, that no matter how big a star you are and how many tens of thousands of people come to your shows, there is always someone who you admire who influences you. Check out these candid shots of us: See.. we're talking!!  ( am I a total dork or what? ) When the interview was over, he asks me to wait a second because he wanted to tell me something. ( Like I'd leave the room before he left).            So he comes to me with his CD " Rift" and tells me that he was excited that Frank Zappa had heard this album before he died. he was so cute in his admiration for Frank, and it  made me love Trey just a little  bit more .  If you'd like to hear the Studio M, click  here

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06/30/2011 7:36AM
Gabby Hearts Trey in Studio M
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