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Kitty Dunn

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Flashback: summer guitar lessons

stellaSummer is a much busier prospect for kids these days than they were back in my day. (I feel like I should use the word whippersnapper here for some reason). Most of my time was spent riding my bike around, going to the city pool (the Munici-pool) and playing cliche games like Kick-the-Can. But I did sign up for summer guitar lessons with my best friend Gale the summer after 6th grade. It was a group guitar lesson taught by a hippy-type guy named John. I had taken guitar lessons before, but they always wanted me to play stuff like "Reuben, Reuben I've been thinking," plinking away on the strings. But I wanted to rock! So this was about as close as a girl could get back in 1974. The teacher handed out mimeographed sheets with lyrics and chords, and we did songs like "Billy Don't Be  A Hero" and that Olivia Newton John toe-tapper "If You Love Me (Let Me Know)."  We also did "Never Been to Spain," and my personal favorite, "Cover of the Rolling Stone." This was back before you could just look up song lyrics on the internet, so usually you had to listen to your album very closely, and keep moving the needle back to the beginning of the song until you got the whole thing.  That could result in some funny errors.  For example, he wrote "got a genuine Indian burro, teaching me a better way." (Much different from Indian GURU, which the line actually says.) But I seriously wish I could travel back in time to see that cute group of guitar pickers playing along and singing this line, "Got an old lady name of Cocaine Katie who embroiders on my jeans."  Now that's entertainment. (By the way, the guitar pictured is similar to my first guitar, a half-sized Stella Harmony).

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07/14/2009 7:28AM
Flashback: summer guitar lessons
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