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Kitty Dunn

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First bike ride!

heronIt was my first bike ride of the season yesterday--and I must say it felt great. There are some fantastic bike trails in Middleton (near the new Costco of all places)...and once you dart through all the traffic it's really quite peaceful..and the best part...not too hilly. Mike and I even saw a great blue heron chilling in one of the little streams back there. Those birds are huge! We only went around 12 miles this time..but next time hope to venture a little farther..maybe into the Pheasant Branch Conservancy to see if they got any more of the bridges completed. Last year we rode through there and all they had was little stone-like steps you could cross on...Mike had to carry my bike over for me..and then come back and get me, holding my hand so I wouldn't fall in. I know, I'm not much of an adventurer. But I guess it's better that I spend my afternoons in the "wilds" of Middleton instead of sitting on the couch watching Judge Judy!

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04/17/2009 9:22AM
First bike ride!
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