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End of an era: We'll miss you Pat Gallagher

For the past 21 years, there's been a constant in my life--and that's that I'd see Pat Gallagher every day when I come to work.

That's coming to an end, as Thursday is his last day at Triple M. I'm not making a biking reference when I say he's had a pretty good ride.

You can see a list of his accomplishments here, but I thought I'd share some more personal memories about working with Pat all these years.

*I've only seen him get really mad once. Luckily, it wasn't at me, and it was for good reason. He threw his mail, and actually yelled! You know, I'm sure he's been irritated at me a time (or two), but I can't remember him ever yelling at me.

*Neither Pat or I are known for our singing voices, but we got to sing backup, as part of the "M5" for Marques Bovre at the Club de Wash. I believe Marques said after that "That's never happening again."

*When Pat started here, he was doing afternoons and I did afternoon news for him. I remember he was in a major panic when he realized he cued up the Allman Bros. Band's "Mountain Jam" instead of a shorter song...and it was time to play commercials!  I suggested he just fade the song out...which is what he did.

*Did you know Pat's a really good cook? The veggie lasagna he made me when I was recovering from surgery was delicious..and ENORMOUS. We just finished it last week!

Pat has been my boss and colleague, but he's also been a good friend. And I'm sure that friendship will continue. I'm pretty sure I'll run into him on the bike trail some time.

Good luck, Pat! We'll miss you.

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09/25/2013 10:50AM
End of an era: We'll miss you Pat Gallagher
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09/25/2013 11:14AM
Oh no...
Hey! The first thing I did when I moved to Madison 6 years ago was contact Triple M about their Christmas in Studio M project. Pat and Gabby put me on the air the first time I applied and I've been a regular as well as a big fan ever since. Thanks for all and all the best! --Tom Kastle
09/25/2013 12:02PM
Thank You Pat
For the past few years, Pat has graciously donated his time and talent to be the Race Announcer at the Rhythm & Booms Run and the Brat Fest Run. He got the runners motivated as they waited to start and he announced thousands of runners names as theycrossed the finish line. I hope we will be blessed with Pat at our future events but if not, we were definitely blessed to have him as part of our team. Thank you Pat - The Crew at Starting Line Events
09/25/2013 2:40PM
Oh no...
Pat will be missed big time. Well, hope he won the lottery or something like that and is retiring to a private island somewhere!
09/25/2013 5:16PM
105.5 is going off of my radio
All the best to Pat. To the idiots at Entercon who eliminated his position and took a true voice of Madison off the air...not so much.
09/25/2013 7:44PM
So long Pat Gallagher
Thanks for sharing Kitty. I actually had him confused with Pat McGuire who did evenings on 94.9 WILV and then WOLX. Sorry to see Pat go.
09/25/2013 8:18PM
I'm sad & disappointed that Pat is leaving Triple M, especially if what I'm hearing is true about why he's leaving. I Can't imagine not listening to Pat doing the Radio Deli or his Live From Studio M's. There will be a huge hole in Madison radio. Thank you Pat for the many years you gave us.
09/25/2013 11:17PM
So long Pat Gallagher
Hi Kitty!! How crazy, I haven't seen Pat in years and I just saw him this past weekend at the literacy run. Please wish him the best of luck from me!!! Tina Rockwell
09/26/2013 7:55AM
Umm, well...there goes my mid day.
Can't say I listened to Pat all the time. I work nights so to hear Pat's program I'd have to stay up "late." I felt kind of naughty doing that in some ways and in other ways I felt like a normal person doing what normal people do which is listen to good radio. I'm sorry that he's being shoved off the radio tower, but I hope he hits the road running, or cycling. Thanks to you, Pat, for all you've done for local silent sports, especially cycling! Darryl Jordan, recumbent photo guy.
09/26/2013 2:27PM
Lonesome County
Just heard this morning that today is Pat's last at Triple M. Can't really believe it. I guess if Wayne Gretzky can be traded from the Edmonton Oilers, this too can happen. Tremendously sad day for Madison radio. Was always nice to see him acting like a normal fan at all the shows over the years. Very much enjoyed his passion for Marques Bovre & the Evil Twins. Will never forget the look on his face when he came back to his seat with some autographed Kenny Wayne Shepherd ("the first station in the country to play my record!") memoribilia at the inaugural Kohl Center concert. With in-laws living in Grant County, I think of Pat every time we pass the big "P" on the hill of his alma mater. Best to you and Laura, Pat. For some reason, I feel like playing "Dawn of the Dead (in Dolby) now. Which I will. Kevin Pond
09/28/2013 6:11AM
The Ironman will be missed!
I've listened to triple M since it's birth in Madison. I was fortunate to watch Pat preparing for his ironman race at Harbor with a personal trainer.. His enthusiasm and energy are palpable! He did say I scared him which lead me to leave him alone to his prep. :) I love his voice and his enthusiasm and he will truly be a huge loss to the station. Good luck Pat! Hope to see you at Harbor on occasion. And I'll still leave you alone :) Jen Seeman
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