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Jonathan Suttin

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Don't Have A Chip About the Chip

I can't count the number of phone calls we received this morning about the Google Chip.  Everyone just needs to relax.  If you missed the story, Madison is in the running to get Google Fiber.  We're up against Mason City, Iowa and Berkeley, California. So what will put us over the top? Our friends at Google would like us to each get a small chip put into our fingers.  This will help track our shopping habits and will connect us to Google Earth.  It sounds like a pretty cool system and Mayor Dave is on board. So am I. Kitty seems to be a little scared, but she's always been afraid of new technology.  I think we should embrace this plan and we should feel lucky that Google is ready to bring us super-high speed internet connections. The rest of the world will be very jealous. Click here to listen to Google spokesperson Jessica Peterson explain the chip. Click here to listen to Mayor Dave talk about the reason we should all get the chip.

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04/01/2010 9:48AM
Don't Have A Chip About the Chip
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04/01/2010 10:32AM
Really? This isn't the April Fool's joke? I'm more afraid than ever.
04/01/2010 10:43AM
Seriously, has anyone thought about what day it is?? April Fools Day hoax perhaps...... hmmmmm.
04/01/2010 2:28PM
Okay I was listening to this story this a.m. as heading "nort" to Eau Claire...Is this an April's Fools joke? Otherwise my comment is...if there is a chip in ones finger (I would prefer the middle one) and it captures ones spending habits, etc...will it shock you if you are spending and don't have the money!!!
04/01/2010 4:33PM
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