Project M features Madison's best musicians perfoming in weekly songwriting and performance challenges. Next Event: April 21st, 6p, Funk's Pub, Fitchburg.
"Del Mar"
Is Not Available At This Time.
Del Mar "Rapid City"
Challenge 5 was for our bands to perform their signature song, and keep it under 2:30.
Del Mar "Mainline"
Project M Challenge 4 was to write an authentic, original Wisconsin drinking song.
Del Mar "Red"
Challenge 3 was to write and perform a song about a color. Del Mar got "red."
Del Mar "Full Moon Fever
The Week 2 Project M Challenge was to write and perform the title song of a famous album.
Del Mar "Turning Around"
Challenge 1 was to write and perform a song that reminds us of spring.
Del Mar
Del Mar auditioned with the song 'Georgia Lee" to get into Project M 2013