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Kitty Dunn

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Craziest Dollar Tree find ever!

You never know what you'll find at the Dollar Tree. That's part of the intrigue and excitement of shopping at a store where everything's $1. If you're just a casual shopper who's picking up off-brand lotion or party favors, you'll miss some truly interesting items. Like the confection I picked up just the other day. A 2.5 ounce chocolate ballerina. What? I've heard of chocolate bunnies, Santas, and even the occasional Halloween pumpkin. But why in the world would any one dream of creating a chocolate ballerina? How did that meeting go at the chocolate factory? BOSS: "We need to think of a way to sell our chocolate during months that don't have a holiday." EMPLOYEE: (remembering her daughter's dance recital later that evening) I know, why not make a chocolate ballerina?" BOSS: "THAT'S IT! And we'll sell them at the Dollar Tree! You're an absolute genius." Well, they certainly hooked me. It was such a bargain! But now I have a problem. Which end do I eat first..the toe shoes or the head?

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03/07/2011 9:23AM
Craziest Dollar Tree find ever!
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03/07/2011 9:42AM
You start at the feet, and work upwards. Have you NO decency???
08/31/2011 4:51AM
My crotch itches, but its okay. I haven't bathed in a week and I love my body odor!
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