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Common Bonds: Hugh Jackman..and Adam Rich

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

So what do Hugh Jackman and Adam Rich have in common?  You wouldn't think much. One is a hot Australian actor who played Wolverine in the X-Men movies, and recently hosted the Oscars.  The other played Nicholas on Eight is Enough.

adamrich This is the part that hurts my head. They were born on the exact same date. Both turn 41 today! It's the same kind of feeling I get when I find out the little neighbor boy..who's around 5 years old in my head...just got married. (Even though he's now in his 30's...these people don't age in my mind!) I remember the first time I ran into a kid I used to babysit for, in a bar! No, no was just the other day I took the training wheels off your bike! Lessons learned: time flies, whether you're having fun or not. And I'm pretty sure Hugh Jackman and Adam Rich are twins separated at birth.

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10/12/2009 6:54AM
Common Bonds: Hugh Jackman..and Adam Rich
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