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Gabby Parsons

What does Gabby have to say?

Cheering for WINNERS!

Perhaps this photo was an easy one for Trekkies, but I think the rest of you did a FINE job.
Kim S             
Year 2267 and cheerleading pyramids have not changed, as exhibited by the Gorn 5 cheer team.
Todd B
The Gorn practicing for the next time Kirk shows up.        
Yes, I totally agree about OK GO
Justin S.
snapshot from Ok Go's latest video
Kathleen Hoppe
OK Go's interpretation of a shout out.
Who knew cheering could be dangerous?
The alien cheerleading squad cheers on their side. It is truly eat or be eaten in this game.
This could have made a better movie.
"Land of the Lost" producers knew the movie was in trouble when Will Ferrell insisted that the Sleestaks reenact a Spartan Cheerleader skit in advance of each attack.
A scientific approach
Steve C.
They tried cutting their cheer short. But it kept growing back.
And this weeks WINNER of prizes chosen FOR and BY him is…
Paul H H
While early attempts were termed “interesting” by critics, it wasn’t until much later in their evolution that the Jackson 5 really developed their own style.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the gameeven if the Packers aren't there!

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02/01/2013 2:51PM
Cheering for WINNERS!
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