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Gabby Parsons

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Caption Contest says Knit One Purl Two

One holiday down, tonight is the start of Chanukah and Christmas is right around the corner. So with the turkey carcass thrown away, the caption contest gives you food for thought. Please give me your best caption to THIS photo. Prizes to be announced tomorrow morning, but one of them is a DVD! Have fun, be creative and as always, play nice!

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12/01/2010 6:12AM
Caption Contest says Knit One Purl Two
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12/02/2010 7:36AM
The runner-up to the Blind Melon Bee Girl is still holding on to the dream of getting that big break.
12/02/2010 12:42PM
Linda L.
"One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small... and the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at... Holy Crap! Never mind."
12/02/2010 12:48PM
Sharon Blank
Look at me--I'm the candy corn fairy.
12/02/2010 1:25PM
Paul H. Henning
Dorothy seemed curiously proud and even boastful of having won the "Look At Me, I'm a Dork!" contest on "Bingo Night" at the local VFW post.
12/02/2010 2:15PM
Jean-Paul Gaultier gives a sneak preview to his Fall 2011 plus size haute couture collection.
12/01/2010 6:35AM
Alan Beall
"Honey, does this make me look fat?"
12/01/2010 6:44AM
Rainbow Brite really let herself go as she got older.
12/01/2010 6:48AM
When Alice accidentally drank the shrinking potion, the only thing that would fit her was the garish knitted Christmas ornament that Aunt Mildred gave her in 1972.
12/01/2010 1:13PM
Pretty cunning, dontcha think?
12/01/2010 7:51PM
Jayne Mullins
It's no secret that Victoria loves to make you work for it.
12/01/2010 8:49PM
Steven Schiferl
Grand Ma I just love my X-mas present
12/02/2010 7:13AM
After having all her body hair dyed and dread-locked, Susan wondered if she should have stopped after her 6th Jamaican Rum Punch.
12/01/2010 8:17AM
Now that's what I call a real knit-wit!
12/01/2010 8:28AM
Let your chain hang low, Miss Candy Corn 1984.
12/01/2010 11:09AM
Modeling your new toilet paper cozy, are ya?
12/01/2010 11:11AM
Lady Gaga's attempt to "fit in" with an older fan base fails miserably which is evident in this backstage photo from last year's CraftShowPolooza...
12/01/2010 12:08PM
The security badge did not pass clearance at the White House Gala. However, after the President's crack security squad took one look at the gown that Gladys was wearing, they just KNEW that she belonged on the guest list.
12/02/2010 6:04AM
Matilda was glad that her mother's forgetfulness, made her full body cozy big enough for the whole family.
12/02/2010 7:04AM
Jennifer Brady
Cindy wanted to make an impression when she got her backstage pass to the Meatloaf concert
12/02/2010 4:21PM
"Vickey's sure as hell not secret" fashion show!
12/02/2010 9:00PM
steve bruns
Martha's love for candy corn was more than an obsession, it was preventing her from joining the "knit a dress for Haiti" program.
12/02/2010 9:03PM
steve bruns
Harriet figured she would be a shoo in for the lead in the new movie called "Candyland 3-D"
12/02/2010 9:09PM
steve bruns
"With the power invested in me, I now pronounce you Mike and Ike"
12/02/2010 9:44PM
Nick Roberts
Gabby: "Still crazy after all these years, Whoa, Still crazy after all these . . . wait forget, forget it Johnathan. *puts down microphone* Gabby: You know, when the Candy Corn concept was first brought up, I said there's a very good chance I'm going to end up looking stupid. Everyone said, "it's the holidays, go ahead, you gotta stop taking yourself seriously, just loosen up a bit, and people will laugh." I didn't want to be Ms. alienation, but I feel this captioned contest has been just a disaster. Johnathan: Wonderful, just wonderful *claps hands*. Gabby: You call that wonderful? It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. Johnathan: Was the quality or resolution a problem? Gabby: What are you talking about? The resolution wasn't a problem! Johnathan: I don't understand the problem Gabby: The problem is that I am singing Still Crazy After All These Years in a Candy Corn outfit! Are you blind?!? Jeese! Johnathan: Just go change, we'll put on a commercial. We will be right back after a few sponsored advertisements . . . Gabby: I can't even fit through the damn door!!!
12/02/2010 8:13PM
Dawn Kleinfeldt
Betty's idea of a "holiday dress"
12/03/2010 6:25AM
Gramma normally knits me mittens or scarves for xmas. But she said this year this would really keep me warm.
12/03/2010 6:29AM
As a newcomer to the Midwest Berta didn't quite understand the colloquialism "dressing the turkey", much to the bemused disappointment of the local soup kitchen's Thanksgiving Day dinner attendees.
12/03/2010 6:45AM
"always the bridesmaid...."
12/03/2010 6:50AM
Always the supportive mom, Lydia proudly wore the dress her 7 year old daughter weaved for her on her loom set.
12/03/2010 8:04AM
She never did experience the fame or success of her older brother Ronald McDonald; but with that winning smile, she sure did turn heads!
12/03/2010 8:34AM
Jason Bahr
Granddaughter: "Thanks for the hat Grammy" Grammy: "I know it is a little big, but I think you will grow into it just fine!"
12/03/2010 9:27AM
Sponsors of the "Miss Yarn Barn" Pageant demanded that the organizers put a halt to the overt sexuality being exuded by the contestants when some of them dared show skin above the elbow.
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