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Jonathan Suttin

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Bolt Rated: PG Running Time: 1 hour 36 minutes 2.75 stars out of 4 Always a sucker for cartoons and talking dogs, I liked this movie a lot.  Bolt is the story of a dog who works  in telelvision, but doesn't know it.  He thinks he has superpowers and is really saving his "owner" each and every day. Bolt accidentally escapes from the television set and is out in the real world trying to save his owner.  John Travolta is the voice of Bolt and Miley Cyrus plays the roll of his master.  If you ever watch Larry David's show "Curb Your Enthusiam" you'll recoginze  the voice of the cat Bolt meets out in the real world.  She's played by the wife of Larry David's agent in the HBO television show.  Sussie Essman does a great job, but would sound even better if she was allowed to swear.  Of course, she doesn't because this is a movie for kids. There are not a lot of pop culture references or jokes for adults, but this is a breezy piece of animation good for the little ones. Brought to you by Star Cinema

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12/27/2008 10:06AM
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